‘Nandikadal hero’ shows his ‘heroic’ colors : assaults 16 years old GCE student sitting the exam and threatens him with death..!

(Lanka-e-News -14.Dec.2016, 11.30PM) Retired major general Kamal Gunaratne the self proclaimed  ‘Nandikadal hero’ and who assumed he himself wrote that  book has this noon brutally  attacked  a 16 years old student currently  sitting the GCE O/L exam . This disgraceful  incident took place  in front of a leading school before a large crowd of onlookers . This major general had yelled out  ‘ I shall break your bones’ while holding the teenager by the neck.

Based on reports of the parents of students who were eye witnesses to this , the attack was launched by this Nandikadal  hero alias zero thus...

A large number of students of this leading school located at Colombo 07  are sitting the GCE O/L exam these days. Last Saturday there had been a fight between two groups of students sitting the exam within the school .This  was not such a serious incident necessitating admission of any student to hospital.

One of the students who was a victim of the assault is a relative of the wife of the major general. Hence this Nandikadal hero  had today along with a group of the armed forces appeared in front of the school , and held one of the students by the neck and threatened  ‘ better you know who I am….  I shall crush all your bones..’ The parents of the students  who converged at the point had retorted ‘you cannot do that’ and scolded the major general . The latter after  releasing  the teenager had begun abusing the parents .

The victim who was threatened had to answer another question paper on that day . A teacher of the school who appeared on the scene has berated   the major general   ‘you cannot do  that. This is a school. This student has to answer another question paper today. Besides , he has to answer three more question papers in the future’ and questioned , how can this child answer the question paper now? At that moment the Nandikadal hero had started threatening the teacher too.

Subsequently , the wife of Nandikadal hero had arrived and like a woman gone mad tried to forcibly enter the school . The College security stopped her only after the intervention of the parents who were in the vicinity .

The father of this poor child who was a victim  of the assault of Kamal Gunaratne was a kidney patient and had died recently . The mother of the victim is still under medical supervision  following the  donation of one of her kidneys to her husband (child’s father) who eventually died. Consequently the victim is in a state of panic and fear. Even when the parents of the students who were on  the scene requested the child to come and make a complaint to the police , the student was hesitant out of fear.

In a country where a commander of the forces comes forward and attacks the journalists , and now retired chiefs of the forces along with soldiers have also started attacking innocent students; when the leaders of good governance are exalting murderers as war heroes who formed murder squads and committed murders along with the Rajapakses   ; when murderers like despotic brutal Gotabaya who  operated paramilitary groups and  killed people secretly  are invited to offer floral tributes at the statue of Late  Dudley Senanayaka a most reputed Democratic leader , the murderous kin and henchmen of devil incarnate Gotabaya must be thinking the lawless Rajapakses are  still in power. Otherwise , retired Kamal Gunaratne would not take the law into his hands so outrageously even after going on pension , and conduct himself this violently like a goon. 

It is a most crucial question , are we going to allow room for this or not? When it can be nipped in the bud , are we to allow it to escalate to uncontrollable proportions , and pay with valuable lives? The pro good governance masses and forces who spearheaded the rainbow revolution of 2015 -01-08 must ensure this does not precipitate  such a holocaust .

In this photograph on the left  is the younger brother of the wife of Kamal Gunaratne who came to assist the latter . When we inquired , it was learnt that this bloke is Major Buddhika Weeraratne  presently serving  in the forces.

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When a gon gamaralla gives the impetus to his Forces under the guise of safeguarding Heroes (of his as he himself is on the Wanted List) these things will continue to happen, like the other in the South only o couple of days ago.
-- by punchinilame on 2016-12-15

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