Judicial service association annual conference turns political for second time ! : President conveniently forgets past to criticize web media before judges (Audio)

(Lanka-e-News- 20.Dec.2016, 10.40 PM)   It is a crucial question whether the courts have a special ‘soft heart’ treatment towards our politicians of Sri Lanka going by the  court attitude?  Are there also special treatment for  politicians  in jails too? These were the  questions raised by president Maithripala Sirisena who was the chief guest at the annual conference of the Judicial service association yesterday (19)  held at Pegasus Reef hotel , Wattala.

The chief justice K. Sri Pavan presented a souvenir  to the president as a token of appreciation of  president’s  participation.

It is worthy of note in the history of the JSA rarely was a politico invited as the chief guest for its annual  conference . Usually it was a non  partisan local or foreign intellectual of the judicial sphere who was invited as the chief guest . However  this year and last year it was president Maithripala a politico who was the chief guest which is an index how much  the Judicial service association has become politicized with the mingling of turncoats and black coats.
The president who addressed the judges made a number of controversial utterances.
He said the ‘shadow’ of an  executive president has an impact on the judiciary , and during the last decade the conduct of the executive president was unwelcome and that shadow was therefore not something to feel happy about. As a result of that , the respect commanded by  the judiciary and  the faith reposed in the judiciary were undermined , and there were  issues pertaining to the impartiality regarding  the solutions provided by  the courts to the people who were also having misgivings. However during his two year period in power , he had seen to it such a situation is non existent , and when promotions and transfers in the judicial service  are effected priority was given to merits , ability and talent , the president exhorted.

( Under the 19 th amendment, transfers and promotions are effected by the JSC , which fact , the president seems to have  forgotten or is unaware. Or , is it because in spite of  the JSC which  is there to perform  those tasks , the executive president is still carrying out those functions ?) 

On 8 th January 2015 ,it is a well and widely known fact  when the president had no support of the  print or electronic media , it was only the media websites which contributed towards the victory of Maithripala . Yet , totally and ungratefully forgetting that , the president revealed he has told his wife and his children too not to browse the websites . New laws  will be introduced against websites , the president blabbered  while exploding with rage against the websites . Excerpts of the president’s blabbering  address is hereunder …
 ‘… in the same way the speech of Justice minister came up for discussion . At the same time we came to know through  the media , and heard during parliament debates , how via the internet media , judges of  the judicial sphere are unfairly and unlawfully criticized while also publishing falsehoods.

I think everybody is aware  in this country ,  it is I who am most castigated and vilified day in and day out via the internet and  the websites .That record cannot be broken by anyone. What I do for this is I avoid  viewing  those. I have told my wife and children too  not to view websites, and to  attend to their daily chores ,instead of viewing them .

No matter what , the websites are today abusing their freedom . As politicians  we are well accustomed to these insults and criticisms. This is because politicians are always the target of criticism , mudslinging and insults. But when those relate to you of  the judicial sphere , medical and engineering spheres it is a little difficult to endure. Only if we can endure those attacks we can go on. If we cannot we can’t perform  these tasks. But you who belong to the judicial sphere are not like that.
When considering the environment in which you live and the social background, these are something new on the one hand , and new  challenges on the other. As a government we are deeply regretting such a situation, and  we have discussed  with the Justice minister . We have decided  that every legal measure shall be taken to avert this .

It is the just people who deserve freedom. We always condemn the unlawful and uncivilized  actions of the few among the majority of the virtuous people .

We reject such actions. We shall always act to avert those because in this present  contest  we have reposed a lot of confidence in  the judicial sphere .

It becomes necessary to analyze to some extent the charges and criticisms  leveled from the side of  the people against the judicial sphere. I believe focusing attention on that even if we don’t go deep into it will be appropriate. 

What we notice sometimes is , when  criticisms are being leveled ,the media ,  the ordinary people and certain quarters are having doubts as to   whether the courts are showing  a special consideration towards the politicians?  Whether the jails are treating them specially ? It has become  clear to us such criticisms that politicos being  favored are specially  widespread in this country .

While I express my profound pleasure   , it is hoped the expectations of the people primarily  and   the government,  as well as the faith reposed by us in the judiciary shall be reinforced , so that like how it is today , in the future too you shall carry on .’

The president went on to comment ‘judges are also humans.’ The salary structure of the judges , the staff of AG’s department and the  legal draftsman’s department is not reasonable.  Therefore  , a revised salary scale will be introduced  to them to make them happy , the president observed.

The full text of the  speech of the president can be heard by clicking here

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President also is human noh? Let him blabber a bit and then act in a different way.
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