School admission racket - 45 leading schools including Royal investigated ; OBA mafia under microscope !

(Lanka-e-News -10.Jan.2017, 11.00PM)  Following allegations leveled against leading schools in respect of admission of children during the new year , the education ministry has decided to immediately suspend the registration of students to  Royal College, Colombo   with immediate effect , and to launch an investigation. This applies to 45 leading schools in Colombo and outstations.

An officer of the education ministry revealed , since there aren’t adequate number of officers to conduct investigations simultaneously in respect of all the 45 schools , schools including Royal College were  selected at random and registration of students  have been suspended immediately . Anula Vidyalaya , Nugegoda too is among the schools , based on unofficial sources.

Based on the progress of the investigations , children of parents who have not committed any offences will be registered in stages. 
During the investigations conducted this year , if it is found a  student has  wronged ,  it will be the parents who will be considered as having committed the wrong . Moreover , as the erring student had secured  a place in the school depriving a  deserving student of  his right causing grave harm to the latter,  the wronging student will be deprived of his place in the school , and the deserving student will be given that place. 

Royal College principal summoned by minister and severely reprimanded…

After the advent of the new government the corrupt principal of Royal college was removed and B.A. Abeyratne ( ex prinicipal of Ananda College) was appointed as Royal College principal. However the new principal too toeing the line of the former corrupt principal had been making school admissions an illicit business activity  , and indulging in the worst  corrupt practices.

The minister of education Akila Viarj Kariyawasam who  summoned Abeyratne had severely warned the latter.  The  minister taking him to task over his corrupt practices had told him , he was not appointed as the new principal to Royal College ,  for him too to commit crimes like his predecessor. The minister has then ordered the investigating officers to halt the registration of students , and conduct a probe, according to reports reaching Lanka e news.

The ministry of education earlier on had sent a circular against the corrupt activities which are carried on as a mafia  by those who throw their weight about as  members of the old boys association . Based on that circular  , collection of payments for the old boys association under the pretext of school development when students are admitted to schools was  totally banned.
Every old boy is entitled to the bonus points , and the ministry in its circular has not allowed the old boys association to implement  the rule that the  bonus points must be granted only to the members of the Old boy’s association (OBA) which is carrying on a mafia. According to reports , the OBA of leading schools during admission of children collect over a billion rupees from parents every year. . The lion’s share is divided among the OBA mafia members  and the principal of the relevant schools .

In the  circumstances , attention is being specially focused on the  corrupt practices indulged in via the OBA of schools , the education ministry officer further disclosed. If it is proved there have been such corruption ,it has been decided that  the laws shall be enforced against the members of the OBA under the criminal  procedure code of the country. 

Admission of students to schools for the new year 2017 is scheduled for tomorrow( 11) 

All  along the powerful get their  children admitted to leading schools via corrupt practices , while the weak and the helpless are always subjected to unjust treatment . This vicious cycle should be stopped , and the Prime minister too  had instructed him to do the right thing , the minister went on to assert .

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These principal who accept bribes should be dismissed and forefit their pension.
-- by Nick on 2017-01-11

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