Rathane Thera had secret discussions with Gota before his somersault to ‘independent’

-National list M.P. cannot become ‘independent’ –should resign first !

(Lanka-e-News -19.Jan.2017, 1.30AM) When someone  is appointed as a member of parliament  through the national list on the wishes of a party leader sans the wishes of the people , and when that individual does not concur with that party’s views , he cannot describe his move as ‘becoming  independent’ . On the contrary what that individual should do in such circumstances  is bow to the wishes of the people , and resign first . 

Ven. Rathane Athureliya Thera instead of doing that honorably ,convened a media briefing on last 17th, after having  conspired  for several months with the ex defense secretary Gotabaya  the notorious murderer under the last regime . At the meeting he said ,  he is  going to be  an  ‘independent ‘ in parliament . Based on reports reaching Lanka e news  inside information division  , this move is an outcome of this conspiracy hatched by Rathane and Gotabaya jointly. The secret discussions between Rathane Thera  and Gotabaya were revealed earlier on by Lanka e news  and certain media groups , and that when the final decision was taken ,  Asoka Abeygunawardena too participated. 

By now , the JHU which Rathane Thera represented for some time had expelled  him or he has left the party.

Rathane who courted disaster by trying to toady to  president from behind the curtain ….

The reason for Rathane Thera to get close to Gotabaya is the result of his relations turning sour with with President Maithripala .Rathane Thera who curried favor with the Miathripala  no sooner than the latter became the president  got several of his unsuitable misfits  appointed to government posts .Among such appointments were the notorious Maithri Gunaratne as the chairman of the Coal Co. , and another was Somaratne Dissanayake a Film Director as the chairman of the National Rupavahini  television channel. Dissanayake later tendered his resignation.

Rathane Thera who ingratiated himself into the favor of the president , and tried to show he was behind the curtain of the president and he is  involved in  latter’s  affairs realized that he cannot  be successful in that direction only when the president appointed a knowledgeable agriculture specialist as the head of the  National campaign ‘ a country free from poison and pollution’ without appointing Rathane Thera to that post. Though several appointments made by president Maithripala turned into  failures , in this instance the appointment of the agriculture specialist proved successful, perhaps because Rathane Thera’s stupid proposals were unrealistic ,  Utopian and only imaginative. 

This was well illustrated when Rathane  Thera made a proposal during the poison and pollution free campaign that all the organic manure that is being used in the country shall be halted , and that shall   be replaced by compost manure .The agriculture expert appointed by the president however said , if that is introduced , in five years , the country’s agriculture yield will drop by 75 % and asked whether  Rathane Thera would   accept that responsibility ? The specialist also elaborated , the use of superior organic manure mixed with compost manure is the only method , and the extreme method suggested by Rathane Thera  will destroy  the country’s agriculture yield .
Rathane Thera was allotted only a small room by the presidential secretariat for the poison free country campaign . This  was a  cause of deep disappointment to Rathane . The latter who visited the office for some days finally did the vanishing trick when he knew his selfish aims cannot be accomplished.
Sadly , during the period Rathane was with the president , all what happened was, president lost his grace and repute. To everybody’s consternation , If there was anybody who took the president  to distribute prizes in respect of   a Montessori class function  , that was none other than Rathane .When the  president was taken to distribute prizes to children of a Montessori run by Rathane’s mistress, it came in for heavy flak from all quarters. 

Rathane who told all the lies possible regarding the constitution taking refuge under the saffron robe 

Rathane is well noted for exploitation at others’ expense  and deriving maximum self  centered  benefits throughout the nefarious decade from the Rajapakse regime after currying favor  with the Rajapakses. He converted his Temple into a Castle (running counter to true Buddhist precepts)  with the blessings of the Rajapakses  while the people outside were in dire poverty , and hard put to have one square meal a day. . Whither true Buddhism preached by Lord Buddha ? 
He took over  lands for  free which were worth millions with the blessings of the Rajapakses . At that time when the group led by Harin Fernando showed beyond doubt  that the opposition is going to win  , the  Athureliya Rathanes the political opportunists and renegades at the last moment somersaulted  to the opposition not for the love of the country or the government of good governance with sincere motives  but  to serve their own selfish self serving aims and agendas. 

This was confirmed best  by Rathane’s announcement at yesterday’s media briefing , when he gave out the latest  signals that  he is going to be  a pawn of  criminal and cruel Gotabaya. 

‘A constitution draft bill is being prepared that is pernicious to the country’s sovereignty . This is in breach  of the policies preached by the president. Therefore this constitution cannot be supported under any circumstances, and the draft bill has been prepared by a group that is  lending support to division ’ Rathane the accomplished liar and turncoat said , in his  characteristic  mendacious  style savoring of unalloyed  self seeking political opportunism.

This misleading  revelation of Rathane despite being a monk was a complete distortion of the true picture  so much so that he even insulted the Saffron robe he was wearing by his brazen and blatant falsehoods. It is an unassailable fact that the people’s mandate at the election victories on 2015-01-08 and 2016 -08-17 was for a new constitution to provide a political solution to the Tamil people in order to avert another ethnic war. Now ,it is only  after  the entire parliament and the constitutional committee having  met in this regard , a draft bill was  prepared. 

There are a number of representatives of the opposition as chairpersons in the main sub committees which are preparing the proposals. The proposal now brought forward was passed on a majority of a single vote. It has already been announced that via the proposed new constitution the  government  is giving the assurance of a sovereign state  .In  addition ,  TNA leader Sambanthan had also stated he is not objecting to giving Buddhism the prime place in the constitution . it is therefore a crucial question at whose instigation Rathane Thera the villainous monk  is making these mendacious utterances  wearing the sacred robe?

His statement that  a constitutional draft bill has been prepared by now is  a lie, and that it is against the policies of the president,  too is untrue. By the way who is Rathane to talk about president’s policies is a pertinent question ? 

Rathane saying he is resigning the M.P. post granted to him by the president via the national list in order to become an ‘independent’ because the president has gone against his policies is the biggest joke of the century.

Rathane told yet another lie when he disclosed  , the constitutional draft is being prepared by a group that is supporting division .If the bill that  is being prepared with the participation of the entire parliament is to create a division  according to Rathane , then all the members of the present parliament are supporting division , is what he means .
It is certain  the blood pressure of Rathane  must have  shot up and his pendulum also must have stopped swinging  owing to the  absolute falsehoods and stupid statements he is uttering while wearing the saffron robe. It is very evident Rathane is blabbering and bluffing solely and wholly because of his secret discussions he had with Gotabaya Rajapakse the notorious murderer . He  is now aligned with Gotabaya  in order to serve the treacherous and traitorous agendas of the maniacal murderous villain the country has ever known and   who has    sleepless nights whenever  the country is progressing towards peace and prosperity.  

Throwing away the sacred robes and stripping nude to do the sordid biddings of Gota…

Athureliya Thera in whom racism is inborn , somersaulted from the JVP to the JHU first . This somersault Sultan who again  pole vaulted from the JHU is now saying he is independent , and going to form a National  force. 

 No matter what acrobatics he performs , what strip tease he does in public ,  what disgrace he brings upon himself and the sacred saffron robe , what national force he forms , before all that  he has an onerous duty – he must first and foremost resign from the national list M.P .  if he has an iota of shame in him, and bow  to the people’s wishes.

Poor Rathane apparently hasn’t even the horse  sense to understand that  robed monks who were  obsessed with selfish self seeking and opportunistic politics could not  form even a latrine force , let alone a national force . The case in point to illustrate this is that of   infamous Galagoda Aththe Gnanassara . The latter when he contested elections , he could poll only less than a thousand votes even after exposing to the public his all to demonstrate what a great robed rowdy he is. 

Such opportunistic robed monks can do only one thing well , that is , they stoop for various nefarious  reasons not excluding  doing   the sordid biddings of    scoundrels like Gotabaya the notorious murderer . But before that we can say for sure Gotabaya is going to jail. On that day , Athureliya who is today profusely  lying, is definitely  going to strip himself nude shamelessly and  scream uttering  all the lies his lie factory churns out.    That will be the day the public will be able to witness the naked lies of a nude shameless political animal who  disgraced Buddhism wearing the sacred robe to  parade   as a human . 

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Rathane Thera recently sold his car permit and made a profit of Rs 40 m thanks to his national list MP status. Hope he will refund the money to the govt. We the public are responsible for creating monks of this nature !!!
-- by Jagath Fernando on 2017-01-19

taking refuge under the saffron robe the reason for the downfall of this country
-- by Sambo on 2017-01-20

He should not only refund the profit made on a duty free car, but also resign his seat as he was not elected by voters.
-- by Alf on 2017-01-25

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