Arjuna expels president of Ports trade union appointed by president Maithripala

(Lanka-e-News -21.Jan.2017, 11.30PM)  President  of SLFP trade union (Sri Lanka freedom workers association) , Prasanna Kalutarage of the Ports Authority  has been expelled illegally by minister Arjuna Ranatunge .Kalutarage had opposed the havoc that is being wreaked on the Port by the minister and his elder brother (chairman of the Port) .

This unlawful decision was made unilaterally based on an accusation  made by  Priyath Bandu Wickrema, a Rajapakse stooge  as far back as 2011 when he was the chairman of the Port against Kalutarage  during the nefarious decade of  the Rajapakse  regime .
Priyath Bandu who was  most leading among the  henchman of the Rajapakses took action then against Kalutarage because the latter was antagonistic to the Rajapakses. Today , Arjuna and his younger brother are also most obnoxiously  following in the footsteps of the ex chairman , a  bootlicker of Rajapakses .

According to the Ports regulations , any charges mounted against an employee shall be investigated within three months. It cannot be investigated for 6 years.  Moreover , charges can be leveled   against a Ports employee only by the head of the division where that employee is working , and not by the chairman.

Minister Arjuna and his elder brother , the chairman of Ports have expelled trade union leader Prasanna Kalutarage grossly violating all the laws,  rules and regulations aforementioned.

Prasanna Kalutharage was appointed as the president of the SL freedom employees’ association by the incumbent president Maithripala Sirisena.It was only the Ports  Sri Lanka Freedom  trade union and its leader Kalutharage , and  a few other leaders that extended support to Maithripala when he was contesting the presidential elections .

By now Arjuna based on various grounds has eliminated all those leaders. Finally he chased away Kalutharage on the 19 th amidst a storm of controversy. 

Port employees say ,  minister Arjuna is hostile to the president because the former  is   now directly and secretly working for the joint opposition along with those politicos ,and  his brother who is with them .

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