President Maithri once again gives away his barbaric ideas to the world! - ‘I threw out the homosexuals and prostitutes’

(Lanka-e-News -27.Jan.2017, 7.15AM) The incumbent president Maithripala Sirisena was elected two years ago by 6.2 million people of Sri Lanka not for a presidency through him, but clearly to abolish the abominable executive presidency , and that too within 100 days of his taking office as president .

It is very unfortunate however the incumbent president yesterday(26) demonstrated to the whole world, he  is still  living in the stone age and not among modern civilized  society.

Maithripala the president of good governance demonstrated his baser qualities and barbaric nature without any trace of doubt when he attended  the birth anniversary of Muruththetuwe Ananda Thera an ace pro Rajapakse barbaric robed monk , which was  celebrated in Colombo, by  the so called Abayarama Rajapakse conspirators and villains .

The president speaking  with great pride on that occasion said , he was the one who was responsible for the ‘throwing out’  of the section pertaining to homosexuality rights in the five year action plan in Sri Lanka for the protection of human rights. Not only that  , even the legalization of prostitution was ‘thrown out’ by him he said with peacock pride. 

It is a universally accepted  truth that homosexuality is no longer a question of  morality , but something to  do with the biological  aspect  of one’s  life and is inborn. This truth has been acknowledged by the modern world. 

The present holy Pope publicly announced homosexual rights shall be granted in Christian people because of this. In modern society the homosexuals are  treated not only as normal but are even provided with special facilities.  Prostitution too is being considered  similarly.

In the modern society they are not identified by the term  prostitutes , but rather as sex workers. Instead of saying prostitution the oldest profession in the world is going to be legalized , and permitting  intercourse wherever and whenever, a  separate zone shall be allocated for the sex workers to carry out their business while providing adequate health protection and welfare to them. 

It is only to uneducated fools with uncivilized  habits and customs this has become an issue of morality today. 

President Maithripala’s revelations made today in his speech , only go to confirm to the world  openly that he is also such a barbaric fool possessed of uncivilized traits , traditions and habits. 

In addition , the president while belonging  to the consensual government made several statements placing all the blame squarely at the doorstep of  the constituent UNP party , while moving heaven and earth to display that ‘ I am clean’. That is , he claimed , it is who  removed ex Central bank governor Arjun Mahendran  , and in his place appointed Dr. Coomarswamy , and that he appointed the Auditor General.
It is to be noted that the Central bank governor was not removed by anyone , and he remained until his term was over. It is only thereafter Coomaraswamy was appointed. That task was not carried out by Maithri alone as president , but that was a proposal to be implemented in the first round of the 100 days program of the government. Moreover , that was  an appointment which had  to be made officially by the president , and cannot be made by anyone else. Therefore the president ‘s claim that he made those appointments to score cheap plus points is most shameful and self degrading. This is degrading all the more because , while making all these announcements most pompously and proudly ,  he did not utter a word about the countless corrupt confirmed crooks he  has appointed so far . 

It is significant to note that it was no less a person than president Maithripala Sirisena  who appointed corrupt Karunasena Hettiarachi (president’s ’game miniha’ -village folk’ ) as the defense secretary  ; Kudu Lansa the heroin dealer as a minister , who was with  the Rajapakse regime ; gave diplomatic envoy post to infamous A.S.P. Liyanage who was in handcuffs at one time and a most discarded and disdained individual; Hemantha Warnakulasuriya , a notorious scoundrel who earned the wrath of the entire country,  as a Director , to name but a few . The list is too long to include here. 

It is with deep regret we report that the pro good governance masses who propelled Maithripala Sirisena  to the president post are thoroughly disillusioned and disappointed with him over the uncivilized and unsavory speech of the president after visiting the temple of the most barbaric robed wheeler dealer monk Muruththetuwe Ananda Thera , a Rajapakse stooge and protector , who is notorious for always espousing  the cause of the corrupt , crooks and criminals .

The president  continuously making speeches to please the discarded and defeated group which the people have clearly  rejected , and expressing views which are in favor of the rascals , surely is not going to be condoned or tolerated by the victorious masses all the time.
If only Maithripala  Sirisena  will always   remember that on 2015-01-08 he was elected as president not for a presidency through him but to  abolish the much abhorred executive presidency within 100 days through him , he would not commit such mistakes and indiscretions. Besides his political future too will be bright.

On the other hand , if he persists in his foolhardy conduct , and goes on indulging in silly and stupid utterances to please those villains ( the defeated , discarded and disdained crooks and criminals )  whom he should not based on the people’s mandate , he is sure going to  be  a  loser  irrespective of whichever  side  of the coin he chooses in the toss - whether it is the obverse or the reverse . May be ,he can  even be tossed overboard  before he can stoop to  pick up the coin. 

Hereunder is the video footage of president’ s perturbing  and puzzling speech ( what was expressed and not expressed) made at Abayarama 

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This man Maitri Sirisena would be cursed for generations to come for with holding arrests of Gota rajapasa and Namal Rajapaksa with Mahendra Rajapaksa for the murders of Thajudeen,Ekneliyagoda Lasantha wickremasinghe we all curse this Man sirisena for withholding arrest and abolute paraya of a man
-- by sunil on 2017-01-27

Podu apekshakaya has become the podu wihiluwa.
-- by Harishchandra on 2017-01-29

In a few years, this man might be declaring proudly," haamuduruweni, maawa balayen penna demmet mamai" of course due to his own folly. Pride and boastfulness commeth before a mighty fall.
-- by K. Balasingham on 2017-01-30

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