Landmark court verdict on SAITM opens doors wide for 5 foreign Universities including Manipal – Lakshman Kiriella (Video and Audio)

(Lanka-e-News -01.Feb.2017, 11.30PM) There are  five International Universities  in the waiting list to open their branches in Sri Lanka , and they were waiting until the court delivered the crucial verdict pertaining to SAITM medical College , and Manipal University is one of them , said Lakshman Kiriella , the minister of higher education  when speaking to Lanka e news to make a special statement in connection with the landmark court verdict delivered yesterday.

The main Manipal University which is located in Karnataka state , India and has 52 branches across the world . This  University is a  member of the Commonwealth group of Universities , and already an MOU has been signed with it. A plot of land in Kalutara has been demarcated towards this , and following this court decision , they are going to most swiftly construct the building , the minister revealed.

On account of the  students who are following higher education in Sri Lanka , a sum of about Rs. 7000 million is  being pumped out of the country  unnecessarily every year  , the minister pinpointed. These funds can be saved within SL now , and besides, those students who are denied the opportunity to enter State Universities can select a University here  without worrying about  foreign Universities , the minister highlighted. 

The full text of Lakshman Kiriella’s special statement is below

Those  who wish to save data , can listen to the audio tape only  by clicking here 

Video footage is hereunder 

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All the foreign graduates sit for ERPM exam. But not those from these private universities like SAITM. If they sit for ERPM exam we need not worry about their standard.
-- by Sarath on 2017-02-03

Well said Hon. Minister !
-- by Annesley P on 2017-02-03

My dear Farook the court ruled it is legal but it ddnt say it is of good standard. judiciary does not have the knowhow to assses the quality of medical education. the SLMC gave there recommendation on the degree but health minister did not act on it. he has the ultimate say unfortunately. he neglected his duty to the health of the people of this country.reasons are obvious to any right thinking unbiased mind. you are telling doctors having personal and political agendas. are you blind or do you not want to see the obvious. A countries right to maintain quality health care has been betrayed by a few who wants there children to be so called doctors. these people can and will seek medical care abroad at your and my expense whilesubjecting the majority of poor people to suffer at unqualified half bread "doctors". health care is the only thing that we have to be proud of and count on in this country. evry thing else is falling apart. economy is down development is non existant and corruption has hit a record high. now we are loosing the health as well. and you mr Farook is telling us about national interest!! My foot -- by sumedha on 2017-02-03 This is not a problem faced by only Dr Padeniya or the GMOA. Hundreds of governmental and non governmental groups including professionals. trade unions and the general public have realised that licensing unqualified doctors to practice in Sri Lanka is a crime. The fight is against recognition of an unaccredited medical school with sub-standard facilities which does not provide adequate clinical or community based training for financial and political gain. Do not be a party to this crime. If you have no conflicts of interest, and do not understand the gravity of the situation, keep your mouth shut. -- by citizen 1 on 2017-02-04 I think that KDA Medical degrees also should be banned since most of the graduates have failed to undergo a reasonable entry process. I know that some of the graduates who entered KDA have very low level of equivalent HSC marks obtained by some overseas countries like Australia. They would have never entered an Australian University with that marks. Also some of the graduates who entered KDA may be not Srlankan citizens. It is UNFAIR. It better to cancel the Medical Degrees from KDA also, not only SAITM.
-- by TRUTH on 2017-02-07

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