SAITM executive director shot at..! LeN warning 4 days ago of potential Fascist blood shed proved true !

(Lanka-e-News -06.Feb.2017, 11.30PM) On 2nd February , Lanka e news warned while publishing a report in Sinhala edition under the caption ‘ Free education ‘ that ‘we will  win the first round , but in the second round , the Fascists are going to  shed blood!’ This warning turned  true today (06) when the chief executive of SAITM  medical College and teaching hospital Dr. Sameera Senaratne was fired at by two  unidentified gunmen. 

When Dr. Senaratne after concluding his duties at SAITM  , and was travelling to his home at Rajagiriya  , two individuals who arrived on a motor bike wearing full face helmets had shot at him when he was driving along   Chandrika Kumaratunge mawatha, and fled . Dr. Senaratne has had a close shave , and escaped but his vehicle driving seat front side  and  rear door had been  damaged following the gun shots.

Senaratne who suffered from  grave shock is  under treatment in hospital .  

It is specially worthy of note that this violence was launched after the JVP leader announced  today that the JVP shall extend support to the  terror organization of Padeniya and Soysa.
It is well to recall some decades ago , the JVP terrorists  who  joined with the terror organization of doctors against the private medical Colleges bombed the Ragama medical College administrative building, and destroyed it . Because the members of the Ragama administrative board were threatened with death , they even had to leave  the country . During that period the Vice chancellor Professor Stanley Wijesundara of Colombo University and Vice chancellor Professor Chadraratne Patuwatavitharne of Moratuwa University , two most valuable  intellectuals were killed like dogs.
Lanka e news on the 2 nd issued the dire warning ‘ For sure these terrorists are going to unleash a blood bath ‘,   based not only on the violent antecedence and murderous history when two terrorist organizations were together then, but because currently , even the brutal discarded  Rajapakses who introduced the white Van murder culture , and the Peratugami  terrorists who are opposing  not only the 19 th amendment but even the national drugs bill have joined hands opposing the court order .

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It is good that JVP joined hands with Padadeniya Group.How many patients are being killed by Padadeniyas Doctors. We are today lamenting Debt burden of Rajapakses. What about the JVP killers actions in the past . How many CTB busses they destroyed. How many Paddy marketing stores destroyed by JVP members. How many interlectuals were killed by them. If not for JVP today Srilanka would have been better than South Korea. Total membership of JVP is less than 200,000 Voters. They are not a force to recon. They are like Milk worms. Only can create unpleasntness. With one dose of medicine they could be eliminated.
-- by mugalan on 2017-02-07

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