Weerawansa the crooked patriot re remanded ! His accomplice was sentenced earlier too over swindling Rs. 2.2 million of war heroes’ funds !

(Lanka-e-News -09.Feb.2017, 6.00PM) The accomplice Samantha Priyanath Loku Hennedige ex Human resource manager of former  minister Wimal Weerawansa the notorious crooked cardboard patriot ( both of whom  are now in remand custody) involved in the fraud amounting to  Rs. 91.6 million of distributing 37  State vehicles to relatives , has previously too committed a fraud in a sum of Rs. 2.2 million while he was serving in the  army . After he admitted  his guilt in that crime he was punished by courts, and is now serving a 20 years suspended jail sentence, based on reports reaching Lanka e news.
Loku Hennedige is the  accomplice  in the present crime in which the prime suspect is   Weerawansa (the self proclaimed ‘patriot’ a crook though .  He  is now behind bars along  with Weerawansa . It is well to recall , earlier too Loku Hennedige while serving in the army aerial   administration board  as a Captain has  swindled a sum of over Rs. 2.2 million that was allocated for the foreign travel  of army officers in connection with LokuHennedige’s training. That sum included Rs. 600,000.00 during the whole year - 1998 ; Rs. 1.4 million during the whole year -1999; and about Rs. 200,000.00 during the first four months of the year 2000. Hennedige has been indulging in this fraud for a long time. After this was discovered , he was expelled from the army , and a case was filed. 

When he admitted his guilt and agreed to re pay the sum in that suit , he was fined Rs. 180,000.00 and a   20 years suspended sentence was delivered  against  him. That is a six year jail term suspended to 20 years.
That was in 2014 during the era of the Rajapakses when they were entertaining  the notion   they would never be defeated, and Rajapakse the chieftain of the crooks  is a ‘nomerenna miniha’  though only a cursed individual would nurse such a devil’s desire . The sentence was passed by Colombo High court judge Ms. N. Ranawake .In other words the sentence of most criminal Weerawansa’s equally criminal crony will terminate in 2034 ( copy of the  relevant news report is appended ) .

That means Weerawansa the crooked ‘patriot’ had selected another crooked rat  as his Human resource manager on purpose so that buddies of the same feather could  rob together .In other words  for Weerawansa’s crooked activities ,while parading as a self proclaimed ‘patriot’ he has employed another experienced crooked scoundrel  who had clearly  demonstrated  the same crooked streak in him by robbing  the funds of ‘ war heroes’ . Obviously , he made Loku Hennedige as his human resource manager  because  Weerawansa  wanted  to have an experienced  criminal with him  to aid and abet  in his crooked activities and rook the public wholesale. The natural and necessary outcome :  the fraud jointly committed by the duo involving a sum of Rs. 91.6 million. 

Weerawansa remanded again

When Weerawansa and LokuHennedige who are in remand custody were produced in court on the 7 th , they were remanded again until the 20 th by Colombo  Fort magistrate Lanka Jayaratne .

Weerawansa’s henchman who shouted in court on the previous court day admits his guilt..

Sudesh Premalal a henchman of Weerawansa who was remanded for shouting  and behaving  violently  in court on the previous court day during sessions , was produced in court from remand custody . Sudesh pleaded guilty to contempt of court charges and he was fined Rs. 1000.00 and sentenced to one and half years in  jail suspended to 7 years by the judge. 

Weerawansa’s application for bail fixed for hearing  on the 13 th……

Meanwhile the revision application for bail filed  by Weerawansa challenging  the refusal to grant same   by judge Lanka Jayaratne filled in  Colombo High court  was taken up for hearing on the 6th  . High court judge Vikum Kaluarachi postponed its hearing until the 13 th. 

The  respondents cited in the application  by Weerawansa’s lawyers are  the Attorney General and the  OIC of FCID . They were  noticed to appear in court on the next date .

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This Bastard must be roasted in the parliament for what this paraya has played out the poor mans money,he like the Namals,MR.Mahindananda loku and other parays goes to the temple lift their stinking arses and worship buddha this para jaday must be then thrown to the Kalu ganga never to be seen again,filthy bastard
-- by surath on 2017-02-09

Let's say Mr Cardboard Weerawansa gets a 100 year long suspended sentence.So what?That means that Mr C. Weerawansa must be on good behaviour for 100 years.Quite an easy task when Me CW knows that he is hounded by 100 years behind bars with home-cooked meals by MaRa's cook appu.
-- by K. Banda on 2017-02-10

A jail sentence is not good enough. The stole money should be recovered. First, the house and contents where Mr and Mrs Weerawansa live should be seized and auctioned. Then all the other assets of the Weerawansa family should be audited and how those assets came into their possession should be investigated. If the source of that wealth cannot be established as legal, they should be seized and auctioned. Unfortunately, all these actions require participation of the police and public servants whao are corrupt to the core. So the files will not be stagnant of komis karaya desks and will never be actioned. Only a sincere Dictator (eg the Field Marshall) can cleanse Sri Lanka.
-- by Channa Galpage on 2017-02-11

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