Death threats intensified after the case verdict : ‘final gunshot’, ‘Maraya’ were the warnings-Dr. Sameera who had a close call reveals..(video)

(Lanka-e-News -09.Feb.2017, 6.10PM)  ‘Continuous threats were received by me that I will be murdered if I do  not quit SAITM medical College and teaching hospital , and these threats intensified after the court verdict ,’  chief executive of SAITM medical College and teaching hospital Dr. Sameera Senaratne revealed. 

Dr. Senaratne also said ,  he made a complaint even on the 6 th morning pertaining to the death threats and intimidation he received in writing and via phone , and all the phone numbers have been forwarded to the police . Dr. Senaratne also informed an individual who called himself as ‘Maraya’  and of a group by the name ‘ final gunshot’  threatened him last

It is well to recall , Naveen De Soysa the  secretary  of the GMOA,  the cursed criminal face which has a rare  attraction that invites only a  good  pummeling, sprang forward to assault Ravi Kumudesh , the president of SL  medical science laboratories association  at the meeting held on 30 th January , and three times threatened him with death while even going to the extent of saying’ I shall look after you outside’.  Ravi Kumudesh a few days ago made a complaint in this regard to the Maradana police and DIG in charge of Colombo.

In any event the investigations into the attempted murder by shooting on 6 th night has been entrusted to the CID , according to unofficial sources.
The video footage of the statement made by Dr. Sameera Senaratne who just managed to escape death  in the shooting incident is below 

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