Campaign conducted by LeN and pro good governance masses against a most corrupt rascal who swindled the country for 15 years bears fruit !

(Lanka-e-News -09.Feb.2017, 6.10PM)   The vigorous  unrelenting campaign that was conducted by Lanka e news which always champions the cause of the people and makes fearless and frank  exposures of crimes and  corruption  in the best interests of the country , as well as the campaign of the pro good governance masses finally bore fruit. This campaign was directed against  a most corrupt scoundrel who while  staying put in a government  Institution was destroying that very Institution to the detriment of the entire nation!

Chandrasena Nimalsiri  the Director General and chief executive of civil aviation authority  is the notorious  culprit who engaged in  a series of crooked and corrupt activities which Lanka e news continued to expose during the  past. This sexually frustrated scoundrel was pampering women who yielded to his sexual advances and satisfied his sexual lust . He granted them foreign travel , posts and  perks while also most cunningly manipulating and securing monthly salaries as high as several hundred thousand rupees to  himself and his stooges. Finally the attention of the government was drawn to the exposures made by Lanka e news. 

Based on these revelations the presidential investigation commission has now initiated a probe into the grave corruption ,frauds , abuse of state assets and privileges indulged in  by the Civil aviation authority during the past. 

The presidential investigation commission has sent a letter requesting to forward all the relevant files within a week  relating to the criminal and corrupt activities of Chandrasena Nimalsiri as well as  the ministers who aided and abetted  the former in his frauds and malpractices , thereby duping the entire country wholesale for so long.  

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Probe? Probe my buttocks or go fly a kite at the Civil Aviation Authrority's expense! At best another unnecasarily occupied hospital bed or at worse a 20- year suspended sentence.
-- by Balapitya Hamine on 2017-02-10

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