Thilanga enjoys president’s patronage through Chaturika’s route !

-When Chaturika does, it is right but if Rajapaksha's son does it is wrong !

(Lanka-e-News- 17.Feb.2017, 11.30) Yet another  villainous methodology adopted by Deputy speaker Thilanga Sumathipala who is guilty of monumental misuse of  vehicles and  funds of the cricket association while being its administrator , in order to secure patronage and protection  of  president Maithripala Sirisena  became clearly visible  at the Kettarama stadium on the 14 th(Tuesday). At   the inauguration of the first round of the inter club limited over cricket tournament , a sum of Rs. 4 million was  spent on a mad  Tamasha wasting  funds of the association. 

Thilanga the bookmaker who thrives and prospers  on the monies spent by the poor race addicts and fleecing them ruthlessly ,  has no qualms about massively wasting the association funds to secure world wide publicity .  The organization of this ‘greatest circus show of clowns ’ was entrusted to the ‘media gang’ advertising Co . which was paid a sum of nearly Rs. 4 million   in this  connection. Interestingly the owner of this ‘media gang’ is none other than Chaturika Sirisena the daughter of the president of the country. 

Earlier on  , when the cricket team was leaving for the 20-20 world cup tournament , Thilanga invited president Maithripala and   accorded   a farewell to the team. On that occasion too Thilanga organized a huge ‘circus’ show in Colombo, and it was the  same ‘media gang’ of Chathurika that was entrusted with the organizing  activities.  Thilanga of course like all guilty crooks who are  waiting for an opportunity to fawn on the president to cover up their rackets , without any demur paid  a whopping Rs. 34 million to Chaturika  . The other activities too were  entrusted to another Co. ‘SHIFT’ belonging to  a close crony of Thilanga .
Thilanga also does not hesitate to say  often that he channels such large funds of the association towards Chaturika’s Co. in order to secure the support of president Maithripala. 

It Is obvious Thilanga is engaging in all his  high handed actions , malpractices and profligacy without let or hindrance , including the chasing away a group of employees of the association   who staged a fast for  several days ; disallowing cricketers like Sanath Jayasuriya to select players so that  Thilanga can  keep that under his control   ; bringing in his cromies , Shammi Silva , Anura Weerasinghe ,Aruna De Silva , Raveen Wickremeratne , Priyantha Soysa ,   Bandula Saman Waturegama, Sujeewa Godelliyedda  in order to rob the association funds ; giving appointments in the association to a large number of members of  his kith and kin sans qualifications ; transforming  minister of sports into a puppet dancing  to Thilanga’s tune    , are because Chaturika is under her thumb , and through her he is enjoying president’s patronage.

The Vice presidents of the cricket association Jayantha Dharmadasa and  K.Manivanan are dumbfounded and behaving like mutes too  despite all these glaring misdeeds, profligacy  and irregularities  of Thilanga because the latter is enjoying the patronage and protection of the president by way of Chaturika. 

There is no scheme or system anywhere in which , when Ms. Chaturika does , it is right , and when Rajapaksha's son does the same thing it is wrong !


By a Lanka e news special correspondent
Translated by Jeff

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who is thilanga sumithapala? He belong to persons from the back door who got defeated at the general elections.Which ever government comes to power they are in hilarious postions and they do many things what ever they like. This is Sri Lanka political jokers. One time he was Sri Lanka Telecom Chairman. Wasting money Thilanga the bookie owner and deputy speaker at arms length dealings who thrives and prospers on the monies spent by the poor race addicts and fleecing them ruthlessly , Is it Yahapalanaya
-- by Gorden Smith on 2017-02-21

Doesn't the President's family members have enough money to lead a luxury life without getting involved in Government affairs and getting black marks on them. They should in fact utilize their personal funds to serve the community like patriotic politicians in the past. Whereas now each and every politicians including President wait for the opportunity to mingle with state funds to rob. Its a disgrace.
-- by Godfrey Peter on 2017-03-09

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