We gave life to good governance but it is deadly discarded Mahinda’s evil spirit still active - masses

Infamous Vasu’s infamously famous son to be given appointment by president !!

(Lanka-e-News- 17.Feb.2017, 11.30)  It is an unequivocal fact that incumbent president Maithripala Sirisena who was also an intimate and integral part of the corrupt and criminal Medamulana Rajapakse regime during their nefarious decade was  elected as the president of the country on 8 th January 2015  , surely not for him to perpetuate the corruption , criminalities and crookedness of  deposed and discarded Rajapakse or to resurrect his  deadly  destructive evil spirit or to  hand over the reins back  to the people rejected   Rajapakses but to introduce salutary changes on behalf of the country and the people.

Yet , when all the corrupt rascals and scoundrels of Rajapakse regime are still ruling the roost after changing their labels in various Institutions , it is impossible to think otherwise than,  it is the Rajapakse satanic  spirit we have re elected and that is holding sway . Moreover , it is most unfortunate , the masses who were victims of the attacks and atrocities of those corrupt and criminal scoundrels then , have to again today campaign against those evil corrupt forces for and on behalf of just society . This can only be blamed on  the cruel twist of fate of the masses and none else. 

Here is one instance which illustrates such a tragic fate the masses have to face for no fault of their own , except perhaps the mistake of putting on pedestal  the evil spirit of the most despised , detested , discarded and deposed Mahinda Rajapakse ….
Sanka Jaya Nanayakkara ,  son of a notorious political opportunist Vasudeva Nanayakkara best known for his worst senile decay , and mere mention of whose name in parliament emanates an unbearable stench is to be appointed by Maithripala Sirisena to a superior  post in the Sri Lanka (SL)  Foundation under the presidential secretariat . 

Sanka Jaya Nanayakkara the son of the infamous father is one who became infamously  famous like his father when  he was  the co ordinating secretary of his father’s Official  language and national unity ministry  in the bygone days . He was well noted for making a fast buck on the sly. He earned a lot of filthy lure illicitly via  the contract to supply meals to  the entire  language workshops during that period.    

The president of the SL foundation , Professor Kapila Gunasekera has been sent a letter by the presidential secretariat on the instructions of president Maithripala to call for applications for the post  via newspapers mentioning that the   qualifications necessary for the post  are those  which  would match Sanka Jaya’s.  

Professor Gunasekera accordingly has placed a newspaper advertisement  calling for applications to fill the vacancy. In other words , within the next few weeks infamous Sanka Jaya of equally infamous political renegade and opportunist father Vasudeva Nanayakkara who stinks every time he opens his foul mouth , is going to be appointed to the post through  camouflages and subterfuges  to the detriment of the country .

While the  notorious pedigree of the two legged ‘paraiah’ dogs like Vasudeva Nanayakkara that bark throughout the day only for self gain at country’s expense is well known , it is a pity   the president too who changes direction every minute of the day like a weathervane with the prevailing wind is also becoming increasingly well known as one who is unable to mend his odious ways. 
May the good governance,  the masses longed and fought for be blessed – but certainly not with the curse of the cursed evil spirit of Mahinda , his lackeys and lickspittles !

Let us wait until the next elections to express gratitude for all these ghostly and ghastly actions . 

By a presidential secretariat correspondent 
Translated by Jeff 

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