President retracts his illegal order not to arrest criminals of the Navy amidst lawful pressures !

-Conspiracy hatched in Gota’s house

(Lanka-e-News -20.Feb.2017, 7.45PM) It is a well and widely known fact that President Maithripala Sirisena for the second time on the 7 th ordered the CID not to arrest  the criminals of the Naval force  who brutally killed innocent children after committing extortion . This was however exposed by Lanka e news and Ravaya . Following this exposure and amidst pressures , the president has given another order  to the CID to arrest the Navy criminals retracting his former directive.

The group including ex Navy Commander Vasantha Karannagoda who had got frightened following the latest directive , have met the Mahinda Rajapakse group  during whose reign these brutal crimes were committed , on the 14 th , and implored them to rescue the Navy criminals .

The discussions in this regard was held at Gotabaya’s residence . Among the participants in this criminal discussion were : Gotabaya Rajapakse (main villain) , most notorious ex Chief justice Sarath N. Silva, Dallas Alahaperuma, ex legal officer of the Navy Shaveendra  Fernando  , ex Navy Commander Vasantha Karannagoda, lawyer Balasuriya  and three others.

Shaveendra Fernando and Sarath N. Silva have  said , as they have friends in the Attorney General’s (AG) department , they would do everything to usurp the laws , and somehow rescue the criminals (Shaveendra was also a lawyer in the AG.’s department earlier.)

Dallas the bankrupt politico on the other hand  said ,because  the officers of the Navy are to be arrested , he would see to it that the situation is taken full advantage of by fastening the label of war heroes on the criminals ,  to provoke and incite the public to take to the streets against it. ( On an earlier occasion  , another political opportunist Dilan Perera echoed the same sentiments , it is now clear on whose side he is)

While these accomplices and criminal minded scoundrels are conspiring to rescue the  criminals , already the court has been informed in the twin murder of Ramanathan and Loganathan that the Van belonging to murdered  Loganathan which was  engaged in airport hires was subsequently used by the Navy .   In this twin murder in which  the owner of the van and his driver Loganathan were killed by the Navy officers after  abducting the victims, and also collecting extortion monies , the court has already  given an order following submissions made to court , to arrest the Navy officers ,  Navy Sampath, Dayananda and Guruge ,and be produced in court .

There is also information supported with evidence , in addition to this twin murder , the same Navy team of criminals killed 10 students ( truly the number of victims is 38 , but there is palpable evidence in regard to ten victims only) who had successfully completed the GCE adv. Level exam and were on the verge of entering Universities .Among these innocent victims were Sinhalese , Tamils and Muslims. All of them were abducted like in the other murders ,and killed after collecting extortion monies.

In these most ghastly heinous crimes , even to conspire to obstruct the criminal investigations and avert arrests of the criminals is a grave crime. Hence the conspirators should also be arrested irrespective of  their status and rank.

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Those who wear uniforms to protect the nation need no protection from crooks. Crooks who wear uniforms to protects crooks need no protection from the law. The politicians in power who protect the crooks and criminals while in uniform should not be protected by the people. If a crook/politician needs protection, get a pit-bull but don't force those in uniform to carry out illegal orders in the name of so called "political capital". A uniformed criminal nothing but a dog who waits under the dinner table of the the criminal politician. Bad dogs need to be removed immediately and destroyed.
-- by Nelson on 2017-02-21

These actions shows that our President is a total layman and has no basic knowledge of Law, democracy and human rights etc. He reads out speeches written by his advisers at international forums not knowing the meaning thereof. He is chasing out all the honest and law abiding high officials in the Governments sector, Presidents Commissions etc,., and trying to protect the murderers, crooks & criminals.
-- by Godfrey Peter on 2017-03-09

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