JSA comes in for heavy flak at BASL special general meeting: elections on 15 th March before returning officers named by AG !

 (Lanka-e-News -26.Feb.2017, 10.30PM)  The Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) has decided to hold BASL elections  on the 15 th of March before the elections   officers appointed by the Attorney  General (AG),  sans the assistance of judges , BASL  decided. 

At the special general meeting convened yesterday (25) this decision was taken . The  postponement of the BASL  election was necessitated due to the huge embarrassment caused and obstacles created  by the judges of the lower rung .A large group of  lawyers who expressed bitter resentment against the odious moves  of the judges of the Judicial service Association (JSA) frowned upon their self degrading  conduct .

The president Jeffrey Alagaratnam at the beginning made a long speech to explain and elaborate on  the lawful intervention of the BASL in the appointment of Ramanathan Kannan as high court judge and to what extent fair play and justice  was adhered to. 

It is specially noteworthy no one present objected to these revelations. Thereafter , all the lawyers  categorically criticizing  the conduct and abominable moves of the JSA ( truly only a few -5 to 6 judges villainous  of the nefarious decade who are still alive acted degradingly) is  something worthy of special mention.

Subsequently , an amendment to the BASL constitution  was proposed and that was passed  with the unanimous support of all, to hold the BASL elections before the elections officers appointed by the AG . Accordingly ,the election is to be held on 15 th of March .

Time serving pro Rajapakse lawyer Kaalawarnakulasuriya whose gaze despite the squint is only fixed on filthy lucre however earned and  was hoping against hope that a stormy situation would follow ,upon realizing nothing of that sort was going to ensue  , was seen walking out crestfallen and thoroughly disappointed  after about half an hour . It also became very evident the great expectations of the kudu (heroin)  television channel  magnates and share market racketeers of the Rajapakse ring too crashed to the ground.

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It was the JSA - not JSC, that mislead everyone. In fact it was their Secretary who mislead everyone in the JSA.
-- by Bandu on 2017-02-26

Please correct JSC to JSA in your article.
-- by Bandu on 2017-02-27

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