Give this scoundrel a rascally name – ‘b…tard’ is not enough..! (video)

(Lanka-e-News -28.Feb.2017, 11.30PM)  It is a well and widely known fact that  villainous S Lon sewage  pipe line business media owner Kili Maharaja the notorious self seeking opportunistic businessman is exploiting his media channels to promote his personal fell foul objectives , pandering to the interests of all confirmed crooks and the corrupt , and giving priority to his selfish business ambitions and agendas to the detriment of the country.

 An infernal stooge of this villainous and opportunistic businessman was taught  an unforgettable  lesson of his life time when  that self degrading stooge  tried to sabotage the salutary maiden media conference held on the 26 th concerning the new constitution. 

This rascally   two penny half penny worth media stooge is in the stupid habit of asking only one stock question at every media briefing these days– that is about  ‘ the treasury bond’  to hit out at Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe . At yesterday ‘s (27 ) media discussion too, while there is a clear mandate given on 2015-01-08 to abolish the executive presidency , this shameless  silly stooge of Kili  said while questioning   ,  the presidential commission to probe into the alleged bond scam cannot be appointed if the presidential system is not there.

Though it  is  very unfortunate , it is unsurprising  Kili the sewage pipeline businessman who knows only about cesspits and sewage lines had only   a silly scoundrel  to select do his sordid and clandestine biddings.  This worthless  imbecile despite his bald head ( usually a bald head implies intelligence , whereas in this case it is serving as an index of abysmal idiocy) was  fiercely questioning about the constitution , when he hadn’t the capacity to ask himself, whether there was a president  when the Criminal Justice Commission  was appointed to investigate and punish the criminals of the 1971 insurrection ? 

Those present whose time was being wasted by this lackey and lickspittle of  Kili Maharaja were so provoked  ,one of them  addressing  Kili’s silly stooge  said , Kili Maharaja is engaged not in the media vocation rather in the Maharaja media prostitution  occupation. Janaranjana the editor of ‘Ravaya’ who explained the importance of asking pertinent questions to this silly stooge of Kili the scrooge ,  roundly blamed him for attending media conferences and asking the same bond scam question all the time  . He told this media coolie of sewage pipeline businessman Kili Maharaja in plain language this is a conspiratorial machination. Kili’s media  coolie Ariya Gamage by name who began to petrify and ‘putrefy’   amidst the fierce criticisms leveled by all against him,  finally did the vanishing trick unable to stand the monumental humiliation. 
Kili Maharaja who made his lackeys , lickspittles and stooges to creep into the inner circle of Maithripala Sirisena after he became the president with ulterior motives , through clever manipulations annexed a plot of most valuable land at Fort . Nine plots were taken by him for  his media chain. Now , Kili after ingratiating himself into Maithri’s favor is hurling brickbats at the Prime Minister and government members  within the cabinet  against whom he has a grudge.   The latest ploy of this asinine sewage pipeline stinking  ‘King’ is aimed at making  Maithri to dance to his tune  in order to make villainous murderous dejected Gota reduced to zero presently ,and rejected by the entire country a hero , employing his entire  media chain most unethically, unscrupulously  and unprofessionally without any sense of shame.
In the circumstances , it will do immense good to Maithri and his political career  if he tries to understand that no politico who was closely associated by Kili the sewage pipeline S Lon ‘King’ had prospered for long. They have all got drowned finally in the cesspits into which Kili’s sewage pipelines lead . We hope Maithri has the sanity and sensibility to think wisely . 

The video footage is hereunder 

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It is very evident to who watch Sirasa that they are carrying out all out attack on PM while try to make president a hero. They carry out certain programs to achieve this and. Their game is very obvious to any viewer and despising by all expect pro MARA suppoters. But they don't realize masses of pro MARA supporters do not view Sirasa so they are catering only to minority viwer base. In the process all the PM supporters that is UNPers are moving out from Sieasa.This is why they are have come down on their ratings recently So called young journalists who had reputation for being fair and straight forward and also known for their impartiality have become pawns of this game of Killi. They are doing their jobs currently while ignoring the ethics of journalism. In the process that have become soul less puppets who dance according to Killis tune. Let them continue this as they are digging their own grave . Very soon they will work hard to be out of business
-- by piyal on 2017-03-01

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