Did Sri Lanka Really recognized the Potential of Job Market in Middle East ?

(Lanka-e-News -02.March.2017, 11.30PM) Any of Sri Lanka’s  governments never able to get the correct benefits from the any of Middle East countries , they just send house maids and just earn peanuts. If any government never motivated to send well trained proper employee in order to capture and dominate Middle East job market. If they have ever done ? Instead of millions they would have earn billions . That’s  what Indians was recognized and they do well in Middle East, Indians businessman are the giants now in all Middle east, See the minister for foreign employment bureau , a woman they appointed as the minister , she may honest , but I feel she is not a go getter. Ranil Wickramsinghe  should understand appoint energetic young well verse in  English speaking diplomatic type man as the minister , who has the knowledge  of all industries where and which is the performing industries jobs has the potential market .  

For a example in middle East  Hotels , printing, advertising, banks are  good industries also the sales and marketing professionals has the good market,

Problem is Most of the Sri Lankan’s English knowledge bit weak , otherwise they are quick learners, So what’s the work plan Sri Lankan government having to improve the English knowledge for all Sri Lankans , Otherwise what ever talent you have language barrier will be the main obstruction to enter the international Job market , weather its in Middle east, Australia , New Zealand  and where the English knowledge to be required.

Printing Industry
In  Middle east , Sri Lankans were in the front in printing industries now it s gone to Indian’s hand. They are the 95% owners of printing companies and they make millions , and millions of Dollars.  

Hotels as a Industry 
Yeah hospitality always Sri Lankans has a name , so in mostly Sri Lankans are welcome , Did any of our Governments understood that ? No way they want to send house maids its really funny isn’t it ? 

Advertising Industry . 
Its there in all over middle east  its also wow industry its an amazing it has a  huge profit , But as a government did Sri Lanka recognized it ? 

About Sales and Marketing Professionals 
 In Sri Lanka what is average salary for Sales Managers or Marketing Manager around Rs. 100,000 ? In Middle East in Dubai  it will be 8000 AED to 25000 AED  ( Rs. 325,000 to Rs. I million) at least for the next generation we should learn for this market . 

So above I have mentioned some industries only , yet there are so many sectors where you can land as good salary . Such as Civil Engineers, Pharmacist, Graphic designers , Skill workers for interior design companies etc. 

Also in the meantime government should motivate our  businessman start the business in Middle east  so they can hire even Sri Lankans already performing in Middle east. That’s what Indians has been doing and now they have all above. Even Sri Lankans businessman totally targeting Sri Lanka only. They never want to think out of the box , just need show off only in Sri Lanka. I mean very few not like that but majority. 

Its common sense from the business you can send more money to Sri Lanka to help the economy of our country . 

Sri Lankans Businessmen can start trading companies in Middle east , can bring things from China or India and sell in Middle east . why they want to bring from china and sell to Sri Lanka only. Same thing you can do it in Middle east end of the day you are earning from middle east and save in Sri Lanka. 

Rather than your corrupted money which is belong to Sri Lanks but save in other counties bank. 

Also I find major mistake what is the any government done so far was about duty free facility which was given to foreign employees. It should not be fix amount. it should depend on how much  you are transferring to Banks of Sri Lanka. Even if any Expatriates send 300 USD or 3000 USD Government giving same benefit of 1700 USD yearly duty free facility . From this system will  any body motivate send more money ? I think it should be and offer more duty free facility according to your transferred  of foreign currency. So people will think if they send more money they  get more duty free offer and facility.  Government should motivate Foreign employees offering more duty free facility not the Parliament MPs or only other government servants  to import duty free vehicle etc. Don’t you think its has more sense? 

Kithsiri  Lelwala

From  Dubai

by     (2017-03-02 19:26:32)

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Very interesting. There are very clever Sri Lankans working in the ME . That's how the previous government picked Sajin Vaas and made him an politician in Sri Lanka , so he could rob the entire country's wealth. @ Kithsiri - The population in Sri Lanka and India is not comparable, so they have more people across ME and the entire world. Their unemployment problem is not like ours. Their industries and economy is much developed already. If we send all our skilled labor to the ME to earn money for the country, which in turn is robbed by the politicians , there will be a shortage of skilled resource in our country. The politicians will bring in the Chinese to work in Sri Lanka . This already happening in may parts of the country.
-- by Kumara on 2017-03-03

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