Inamaluwe Sumangala saffron robed monk robs Rs. 19700 million of sacred funds ! journalists and Buddhist affair Commissioners involved !

(Lanka-e-News - 08.March.2017, 11.30PM) The so called most  Ven. Inamaluwe Sumangala Thera the chief incumbent of Rangiri Dambulu Vihara , wearing the sacred saffron robe has committed a most shocking  sacrilegious crime disgracing the entire Buddhist ecclesiastical order ! He has over a period of 20 years   robbed a whopping Rs. 19700 million or more  ! The commissioners of Buddhism , officials, and the media mafia in that district have all aided and abetted  him in this monumental theft over  the last 20 years until now while collecting huge bribes , based on reports reaching Lanka e news.

The worst side  of this colossal robbery committed by this ‘most venerable’ monk draped in the most respected   saffron and parading his piety  is , despite having swindled such a large sum of money for such a long time he has during that whole  period not taken any measures or spent a cent  to conserve the  most precious  paintings  of international value of the Vihara.  This is most despicable and deplorable specially because a so called reputed Buddhist monk had stooped this low. In a Buddhist country where Lord Buddha’s teachings  are most proudly and loudly   preached by the so called monks who even say killing an ant is a grave sin  , where monks like Gnanassara are ready to kill humans like ants  for and on behalf of Buddhism, and  the ordinary follower blindly follows them , this kind of crime being committed by a robed monk holding a most high position in the Buddhist ecclesiastical order is suicidal to Buddhism and  a matter for deep sorrow  and shame .

This colossal robbery would not have come to light but for good governance . When the new Ven. Mahanayake of Asgiriya chapter who took over following the demise  of his predecessor , removed Inamaluwe Thera from the post of chief incumbent of Rangiri Dambulu Vihara and appointed a new archeological commissioner this massive robbery was detected following a probe conducted by the archeological department commissioner and the Central cultural fund. 
Rangiri Dambulu Vihara is one recognized as a world heritage site by  UNESCO , and ought to belong to the SL Archeological Department and Central Cultural Fund. When investigating a complaint that the paintings and photographs  of the Vihara have been destroyed ,the good governance chiefs of the department and the Fund carried out  an investigation .When  the leads based on the investigation were pursued , this rudely shocking most sacrilegious drama unfolded .

With a view to carry on his illicit activities  Inamaluwe Sumangala has chased out the officers of the Central Cultural Fund from the Vihara alleging it is these officers who were responsible for giving  publicity to the photograph depicting a foreign woman sitting on a statue of Dambulu Vihara . But now it has come to light it is Inamaluwe himself who had orchestrated this spurious drama enlisting the venal and unscrupulous media personnel who are now in plenty in Sri Lanka.

After this spurious drama to chase out the officers , Inamaluwe had printed and sold tickets at Rs. 1500.00 each for foreigners who visit  the Vihara. 

Inamaluwe has entrusted the accounts maintenance to the Commissioner of Buddhist affairs  . The commissioners of Buddhist affairs  who were there during  various periods have got together with Inamaluwe and cooked up the accounts. 

The colossal robbery  committed by robed Inamaluwe Sumangala  jointly with Commissioners of Buddhist affairs. 

While this Rangiri Dambulu fraud was being unearthed and information were  seeping out , the present Commissioner General of Buddhist affairs Nimal Kotawelegedera forwarded a report on 27 th February that there had been no fraud relating to the income on sale of tickets during the last 20 years .
According to that report , the total income on the sale of tickets for the last 20 years is Rs. 38, 534,500.00. The income in regard to some years is shown as nil. The falsity of the report furnished by Nimal Kotawelegedera became evident  when it was discovered only six foreigners have visited the Vihara during the year 2015 , according to his report ,and the income earned for that whole year was only Rs.29,71000.00  . That is , the income per day has been shown as Rs. 8140.00. Since the price of a ticket is Rs. 1500.00 , it means only six foreigners have visited the temple each day.  Similarly , in the years 2013 and 2014 , the number of foreigners visiting the temple  per day has been shown as only  5. This is an absolute lie based on falsified accounts .
( Vide the copy of report of fudged accounts of Nimal Kotawelegedera appended) 

Following the unearthing  of the details , the new chief incumbent  Ven.  Dr. Godagama Mangala Thera took  control of the ticket sales which was monitored by officers of the Central Cultural Fund .It was then and only then the eyes of all were opened. The income of  Dambulu Vihara per day from ticket sales to foreigners has been  as high as Rs. 2.7 million per day !

In other words the saffron robed rogue Inamaluwe Sumangalya in league with the Commissioners of Buddhist affairs have cheated on the temple funds  ,the country and religion for so many years most unconscionably , profanely and ruthlessly  .  For the last over  20 years they have shown a bogus  annual income , that is  equivalent to only a day’s actual  income of the temple ! If calculated roughly ,  for the last over 20 years this bunch of rascals and rogues while parading and posing as Buddhist sentinels  have robbed over  Rs. 19700  million ! Where all these monies went is unknown .

Dambulu media mafia that suppressed the monumental fraud

Inamaluwe Sumangalya had resorted to all the methodologies and subterfuges to conceal this fraud. He  has lavishly greased the palms of media coolie Kanchana Kumara Ariyadasa the main Dambulle reporter of the area best known for the worst venal and unprofessional propensities   who  disseminates news to television channels , newspapers and broadcasting channels . He had been showered with gifts and privileges beyond measure in order to suppress the truth .This media scoundrel has therefore profusely lied to distort the facts to suit Sumangalya’s ends.
Under  the name of his wife (Samila Karunaratne) this media scoundrel  had disseminated all the falsehoods via news reports . In addition , Sumangalya via his own  electronic channels hidden as well as  distorted the truths. 

 What’s more ? this robed rogue had commenced a new nikaya under the name of Rangiri Dambulu  chapter , to threaten and intimidate the other monks of his Vihara who don’t join him , using his terror tactics. Thereby he has silenced them , and  had even taken the keys under the care of   those monks into his custody while conducting himself most dictatorially . He was evilly so  powerful that he had acquired the lands of the temple by force and constructed roads. These roads have been constructed without following any laws. 

The incumbent of the ‘Meda Pansala’ (Middle Temple)  Ambulugala Vachissara made a written complaint against these illegalities and irregularities to the ex president Mahinda Rajapakse in 2014, the latter being a bigger crook and rascal than Sumangalya , had not taken any action. Perhaps Mahinda knew  if he were wearing  the saffron robe he would abuse it even much worse. One of the  reasons for this inaction was  , an infinitesimal fraction of the robbed monies of Inamaluwe was spent to build another  temple.
This construction was totally against the Buddhist temple culture and was such it destroyed the historic value of ancient Dambulu Vihara. The aim was to gobble up another large sum through the construction of  another center, and to launder the robbed wealth. ( Nowhere in the world ,another construction is made   in the vicinity of a historical site . While there exists an original Tajmahal , another Tajmahal is not constructed. )

Unscrupulous venal media are silent : Take Sumangala and Commissioner of Buddhist affairs into custody !

Even today the venal and unscrupulous media are remaining silent in the full glare of this colossal fraud . Inamaluwe Sumangalya the robed robber of the very temple of which he was the guardian , is now concocting a different story using his unscrupulous media coolie  Kanchana Kumara Ariyadasa who would even sell his soul at the altar of filthy lucre. The fairy tale weaved to camouflage the fraud , ‘Dambulu Vihara should  be released from the UNESCO as the latter is plundering money by exhibiting us.’

If Weerawansa who caused a loss of Rs. 90 million to the State is in jail , in how many jails should Sumangalya and the Commissioners of Buddhist affairs who defrauded  a sum of nearly Rs. 20, 000 million of State funds over  a period of 20 years  be  languishing ?  

In the circumstances Sumangala and the Buddhist Commissioners shall be immediately arrested for furnishing  phony income  records and fudging accounts ,  and an investigation be launched. 

Since this article is too long , we shall furnish more details in this connection in a subsequent report . Appended is the full text of the letter addressed to ex president Mahinda Rajapakse in 2014 by Ven . Ambulugala Vachissara Thera the incumbent of Meda pansala( Middle temple ) of Dambulu Vihara .

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These Monks are currupt,they ruin the religion Buddhism,most of the monks are currupt now,including this bastard these are filth should be burnt alive
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