‘Wear transparent dress and come to my room for training’ new Swarnavahini chief invites female TV presenters !

(Lanka-e-News -10.March.2017, 11.30PM)   The Swarnavahini  television (TV) which is one of the leading  TV  channels in   Sri Lanka is now in a deep crisis and its standard has declined steeply , according to the employees of that  channel. An employee had occasion  to reveal the present  sad state of affairs  of this Establishment   to Lanka e News based on a latest  incident that happened last Friday (03).

About 8 months ago , an interview was conducted to recruit presenters (male and female)  for the TV channel . There were over 1000 applicants for the posts.
Following several rounds of interviews , ten candidates were selected.  Workshops and training were conducted for these candidates spending huge sums of money. In addition training camps were held within the Swarnavahini studios monitored by popular presenters .
Out of  the ten recruits who underwent training , 6 were selected for the television channel . That is three for the TV news division , and three for the morning ‘Ayubowan Sri Lanka’ program.

All these took place under the previous chief more than six months ago. Thereafter another chief replacing him took over duties as the chief Executive Officer (CEO)  in January 2017

News report on production of Blue films ?

Following this change  the television channel has turned topsy turvy. That is the Institution has taken a turn for the worse rapidly and most disgracefully .  The marketing chiefs who visit   the news division have said shamelessly  , do any filthy thing and raise the rating , instead of  saying ,  improve  the standard of  news.  Going by those instructions , it will be unsurprising if there emerges a  Swarnavahini news report very soon on how  to make a blue film.
Meanwhile one (female) of the six presenters who was presenting the’Ayubowan Sri Lanka’ has by now thrown up her job and gone  away .The reason for this is, for the last 6 months she had not been paid even  a cent as salary .On top of that , two other presenters among them have met a chief of the division , and complained they have not been paid any salary . They have cried and prevailed upon the chief to pay at least their bus fares to come to the work place. This chief has then paid these two presenters Rs. 25000.00 each out of the monies that were set aside for the production of  programs of his division. That was two months ago. But now that chief  has asked back the monies released by him from these two presenters   saying , he has not  received grants so far for the production of his programs . 

Two more  presenters(female)  among those who were recruited were in for a most rude and vulgar shock of their lives, when they were greeted by a bizarre directive  issued   by the  new chief of   the TV channel.  He has  told them  , since their performance as presenters is  below par , they have to be trained again . He has instructed them therefore to come to his official cubicle wearing transparent clothes   and canvas shoes. 

According to the usual procedure , if the TV presenter (male or female) is having any flaws  in her  presentation , the chief  of the TV channel should report that to the relevant producer or the director of the program , so that under their supervision the training can be given again. The new chief however has not followed that time honored procedure . The new procedure sought by this new chief  was most baffling and shocking. The new chief has disregarded  the age old procedures , and told the two female presenters that they should be trained again , based on his personal whim and fancy. While such a training incorporates a voice training mainly , how did wearing transparent dress and canvas shoes of the female presenters become most important to the new chief ?  has become a huge puzzle to the other staff .

The transparent dress that revealed  all …

The two female announcers out of fear following this request   have not sighted the official cubicle  of the chief. Nevertheless these two presenters have reported for work on the following day. They have then learnt that the chief has decided that they are not suitable at all to present the TV program because their presentation is below par ,and that on the screen there is visibly a crookedness on their foreheads. 

Consequently ,on  the next day  they lost their jobs in which they received a six months training .Unbelievably , though they had worked for six months in the TV channel   , they had not even  been issued appointment letters !

If these two female presenters had only gone to the room of the chief for training in transparent dress , there would have been a possibility for  the crookedness on their foreheads disappearing under the not so crooked bottom head of the chief ,and they would have still been presenters . 

It is learnt this new chief with an incurable  itch in the wrong place is always finding fault with the performance of even the popular female announcers with a view to give them ‘training’ in his cosy official cubicle. 

By Diyonis Master
Translated by Jeff 

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Just imagine the fate of prospective female presenters if mongol "lowyer" mongol Namal Rajapassa was the CEO of Swarnavahini !
-- by mike on 2017-03-11

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