President’s utterances are against media victims and encouraging the criminals ! Media Organizations accuse !

(Lanka-e-News - 13.March.2017, 11.30PM) The views expressed by incumbent president Maithripala Sirisena more often than not which discourage the investigations into the crimes committed in the past against the media personnel and Institutions of Sri Lanka  , at a time when the investigations are being intensified with a view to meting out justice and punishing the culprits , is being frowned upon , and most resented by the Media organizations which are unrelentingly standing  by the rights and freedom  of the media . They are therefore vehemently insisting on punishment being duly and swiftly meted out to  the criminals.

In much the same way as the president , several bigwigs too have echoed similar  views to the detriment of Democracy and the country as a whole, which in fact run counter to the pledges and solemn promises made by the president at the last elections.
An announcement made by the president recently at the Palaly headquarters of the forces , is yet another in  the series of  obnoxious and odious  views   expressed by the president , according to the Free Media movement , an organization espousing the cause of media freedom. 
The president while mentioning   accusations are being leveled locally and internationally against certain  actions of the security divisions of this country, said ,those are all  cheap charges mounted by the NGO’s , and he would most responsibly and surely safeguard the members of all the forces – Army ,Navy, Air Force and the police.
The president being the commander in chief of  the forces making such a  statement  may be passed over  as ordinary , but his making such announcements repeatedly  merits serious attention and is  a matter for grave concern  in the context of the prevailing situation in the country .

It is a well and widely known fact , in  connection with a number of crimes committed against media Institutions and personnel , some names of   members of the security forces are directly  implicated. Sadly,all the investigations into these crimes are at present stuck at one point. Therefore the clamor to mete out justice and punish the criminals cannot be dismissed  as a cheap demand of the NGO’s . This is an urgent and justifiable  demand  of the society as a whole. 

By making such statements blaming on the NGO’s by the president , and taking measures in conformity thereof  from time to time ,it is the investigations conducted legally  with assiduous ardor by the conscientious investigators  which  are  stuck at one place even now , that get  further disrupted and  derailed. Besides,  the faith and confidence reposed by the public in the law enforcement  duly in the country will be eroded .
In the circumstances ,the Free media movement is thoroughly disillusioned and disappointed with the statements made and views expressed  by the president . The Movement therefore urges that the investigations be expedited , and justice meted out to all media Institutions and media personnel who fell victims to the criminalities and atrocities  of every culprit .

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