US dollars million Mega illicit deal not second to Gota’s MiG deal –Kili Maharaja moving heaven and earth to push through !!

-Tender procedure ignored ; Ruwan Wijewardena’s name too dragged in …

(Lanka-e-News -15.March.2017, 11.55PM)  Raja Mahendran alias Kili Maharaja the notorious sewage pipes dealer is moving heaven and earth after leaving hell –his favorite haunt  to sell a warship to the Navy while  ‘selling’ the name of president Maithripala Sirisena to selfishly line his pockets with millions of dollars , based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

A warship is to be purchased for the Navy , and it is the Capital Maharaja Co. of Kili Maharaja  which is the intermediary in this impending transaction. However it is worthy of note , Capital Maharaja Co. has never before supplied war weapons to Sri Lanka. Though the  warship is to be purchased  by the defense ministry which is under the president, it is significant to note no tender procedures have been followed . 

The president who left no stone unturned and even appointed a commission in connection with the treasury bond transaction , taking no measures to give advice to his own ministry to act duly and transparently is a matter for rude  shock and surprise.  No matter what , Kili Maharaja who has lately become a bosom pal of Mtahripala Sirisena has proposed to purchase a vessel of Russian origin  valued at  US dollars 300 million which in SL rupees is about 45560 million !

Mind you , this colossal sum is being spent to purchase a warship without guns. In other words another tidy sum has to be spent by the country  to install the guns.  It is indeed a most queer warship which is tailor made to  serve the sole underhand project  and purpose of Maharaja to further boost  his mahajara (filthy lure ) accumulation. Navy experts say , this  warship based on Maharaja’s friendship with the president is to siphon off a huge  ‘mahajara’ (filthy lucre)  into Maharaja’s coffers. 
Maharaja has enlisted a number of stooges of his towards this mahajara ‘project’. The first stooge is Kili’s closest crony Nimal Cook. The second stooge is Shevan Daniel , and the third is Ms. Anushi Jayawardena who was for some time Cook’s companion. Now , she is a most close pal of  deputy defense minister Ruwan Wijewardena , and also discharging duties as assistant to Ruwan Wijewardena in the defense ministry .

Maharaja  is maneuvering to use her to make Ruwan Wijewardena an accomplice  in his mahajara deal.. This mahajara team of Maharaja  is publicizing  among the Navy and the defense  ministry that president Maithripala’s unstinted support is there for Maharaja’s mahajara ‘project’. 

It is incredible but true !   The commission payable to whomsoever at the rate of just 1 % will be as massive as Rs 450 million in respect of this mahajara deal which is not second to Gotabaya’s  corrupt MiG deal  !!

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If our President M.S. allow this deal to go through he is not better than the M.R. and his team. Sri Lanka is not going to invade any county and neither other countries going to invade Sri Lanka. This US$ 300 million can be used to bring relief to our suffering masses. Just presume one of our neighbor invading us. With their many war ships, aircraft carriers, submarines etc. our war ship will be destroyed within minutes so goes down US$300 milion. So Mr. President first make Sri Lanka a rich country minus the underhand deals.
-- by Farook Hamid on 2017-03-16

GoSL cancels two important highway projects saying they have no money and do not want to take loans. Then how come GoSL has money to waste on a big warship? Anyway, with whom are we at war? Can any damned fool wage war with one warship? And it is a warship without guns too. This country is a circus. Worse, a paradise for crooks.
-- by Indrapathy on 2017-03-17

Her name is not Nilushi. Any fool in Colombo knows that. Maybe your special insider information unit should try to get some outsider information?
-- by Maggie on 2017-03-17

Her name is Anushi, well know to sell herself for $ from Nimal and sometimes Ruwan
-- by Jaq on 2017-04-01

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