Now Maithri sends his National list lackey to save the Navy criminals who killed innocent students..! Why is Maithri at pains to wash away the blood stains for others’ sake?

-Wimal Dheerasekera

(Lanka-e-News -18.March.2017, 11.55PM) It is by now a well and widely known fact that  incumbent president Miathripala Sirisena took most odious and obnoxious steps  to save the group of  murderers of the Navy which  abducted innocent Sinhalese , Tamil and Muslim students and killed them most brutally after collecting extortion payments. It is also an indisputable fact, subsequently , he  relented and retracted his orders  in the midst of mounting  pressures against his  villainous and anti national moves despite being the president of the country. Now , his latest ploy is making clandestine attempts using his lackeys to rescue the ruthless bestial murderers , based on reports reaching Lanka e news .

The latest  development … 

The latest ploy is , a nonentity  by the name of Malith Jayatileke  who became a ‘pinnadi’ ( without any eligibility) M.P. appointed by Maithripala Sirisena  via the national list , and  who some time ago worked as a ‘peon’ of Dallas Alahaperuma has come forward  while saying proudly , ‘ president told’ to rescue   Lieutenant Commander Dhammika Anil  Mapa  , a member of the Navy murder squad who is now in remand custody over the ruthless ghastly murders of innocent students . It is well to recall when Maithripala Sirisena appointed this worthless , brainless nonentity who has been of no use  at all to the nation  as an M.P. , there were severe and scathing criticisms leveled against this appointment. 
It is well to recall it is this useless ,faceless, shameless  nonentity Malith Jayatileke who revealed in  a book published  with one sided reports on the rainbow revolution of 2015-01-08 even before  three years had elapsed since  Maithripala Sirisena becoming  the president , that when the latter  met with the Rajapakses at Mahinda Amaraweera ‘s house he gave an assurance  that he would rescue the culprits.

Vasantha Karanagoda the (ex)the  Navy Commander at the time  of the murders who was aware of the extortion and  murder group ,along with  Malith Jayatileke recently invited the IGP and a high rung officer of the CID under whom the investigation is being conducted for a discussion.

The nonentity Malith had said ‘these are president’s orders’ , and asked whether the criminal Dhammika Anil now in remand custody can be freed? The IGP has replied , releasing a criminal is not within his purview , and it is a  matter for courts. Malith the buffoon had then flown into a rage and pointed out , ‘ you cannot say that , this is president’s order’ . He had then inquired what is the evidence against Dhammika Anil , and what is being investigated now? 

What the crime investigators ought not reveal under any circumstances to the accused  had been questioned most persistently by this nonentity . The IGP koloma (eccentric) has then forced the CID high rung  officer to reveal the sensitive issues to Malith. The high rung CID officer who abides by laws and rules was nonplussed and in a spot amidst IGP’s pressures. 

Most dangerous, disgraceful and stinking

This situation portends grave danger to the rule of law  but the entire country , apart from being most  disgraceful and offensive.
What the Rajapakses did during their period were refraining from  investigating the crimes. What the incumbent president Miathripala Sirisena is doing is , while the criminal investigations are under way duly , summoning the investigators time and again , to give instructions  to halt the investigations. In this instance  ,  because  it will come to light if he directly instructs , he has employed his lackey to execute that task. 
The president Maithripala Sirisena himself being a father having legitimate children ,  his direct or indirect intervention  therefore  to rescue the ruthless criminals who killed innocent students after collecting extortion payments  is most inhuman and unbelievable  by any stretch of imagination.

When the president declared in public,  ‘I am the only savior of the war heroes . I shall rescue them’ , Lanka e news issued a forewarning then  about what is now truly happening , and what was in store. We highlighted in our reports there is no necessity to save war heroes , and warned these loud announcements and pronouncements about ‘saving war heroes’ are  truly aimed at rescuing the criminals masquerading as war heroes.
As many of our predictions have turned true , so was this.

While nonentity Malith is seeking to rescue the criminal Dhammika via illicit methods and modes described in  the foregoing paragraphs,  a robed pro Rajapakse monk by the name of Bengamuwe Nalaka convened a media briefing and claimed Dhammika Anil Yapa is a hero who rescued Kachchativu from the enemies , in order to whitewash the ghastly gory  crimes with extortion motives committed by Dhammika  in which innocent children were the victims.
Need there be further  evidence than that to prove  president Maithripala ‘s nonentity Malith and Rajapakse group are working together on a common agenda?
A most onerous responsibility is at the doorstep of the UNP which propelled Maithripala Sirisena and made him the president , to combat this most perilous situation and eliminate the attendant dangers  which are most  detrimental to the entire nation . 

Why is Maithri at pains politically and what is his ‘bloody relationship’ to the crimes ?

Corrupt murderous Rajapakses seeking to save criminals is not a matter for surprise , because their own hands are obviously  stained with the blood of these bloody crimes. But why is Maithripala  washing his hands in respect of  these bloody crimes ?  Is it because he was in the cabinet of the Rajapakses , and Maithri is a ‘bloody relative’ of theirs ? 

Let this unassailable truth be  made clear lest it had been forgotten. None of these criminals came forward to support or  elect Maithripala as the president. On the contrary , all of them left no stone unturned to make their godfather Mahinda Rajapakse the president. Then, what is this queer pain in the groin plaguing Maithri? Surely , it cannot be labor pain ? It is then simply the pain originating from squalid politics.
It is because Maithripala after resigning his SLFP secretary post plus cabinet ministerial portfolio and publicly announced, and promised umpteen times  he would be a non partisan president that he was voted into power . If he had only  said ,after winning  I shall again become the SLFP leader , even the four legged dogs would have fled away barking at him  as they have a better sense of gratitude than the two legged politicos . 

Yet , Maithripala chose the wrong path : without the knowledge of the party leaders and even betraying the forces which installed him in power thrice , took over the leadership of the SLFP reneging on his solemn promises to the nation after having secret discussions with deposed and discarded Mahinda  Rajapakse. Though he cited grounds in justification later , nothing were acceptable obviously .Those were cock and bull stories according to the listeners.

Now Maithripala  is conducting himself in a manner which is betraying   his  inordinate desire to create an SLFP government , which effort is  absolutely wrong on ethical grounds though it is not in politics. It is well to note ,  not even 10 % of the membership of the SLFP accept his political leadership.  This was well illustrated at the recent SLFP Samastha Lanka central committee meeting . Only less than one third of the members of the central committee attended the meeting accepting  Maithri’s leadership. 

Unbelievably , only two provincial council ministers across the entire country of the SLFP attended the meeting . Because Maithri had need to show a head count , groups which do not belong to the central committee were got down to fill the venue. Of course , there is no gainsaying the fact that Maithri is not unaware of the true situation. 

Maithri who says ‘I have a backbone’ in order to portray Mahinda Rajapakse is not of any worth in comparison  with him  could only demonstrate  that failed  result. 
It is a  pity Maithri is now laboring under a delusion  that like during the Rajapakse era if he does not toe that line of saving the criminals and culprits , he may lose even that little remaining  power he wields  in  the SLFP now. Being  struck by the pain in the groins  of contagious politics, he  has  cast away all his ethics and decent attire  and  thrown away  his so called policies into his favorite  hopper pan , in order to  appear as ‘bloody relative’  on behalf of the criminals and murderers of the Rajapakse era. 

Need Ranil soil his clean suit with blood ? Isn’t  the bond scam gossip not enough? 

This ‘political pain in the groins ’ is non existent  in the UNP. Because they were not in the criminal cabinet of Rajapakses, they do not have  the ‘bloody relationship’ too which Maithri has . Hence in these dire circumstances it is for the UNP to come  to the forefront to change this perilous and alarming situation . The JVP of Anura Dissanayake that was supposedly with the people at least half heartedly on 2015-01-08  has not come  forward .This is because the JVP of Anura is even now shamelessly after stripping nude standing alongside the Rajapaksha's joint opposition .

The UNP must therefore  be in  the vanguard of the struggle on behalf of the 8th January  2015 rainbow revolution even after saying  ‘Hang with Maithri and let lightning strike him for still trying to be a bedfellow  of the blood -thirsty  and blood-letting  criminals of the SLFP’ , and dismissing him .  Otherwise the blood stains on Maithri’s hands of Rajapakses’ criminal bloodshed can soil the clean suit of Ranil too due to the idiocy and imbecility of Maithri, which is  in addition to the  Maithri and Rajapakse groups chanting the words ‘treasury bond’ and propagating gossip all the time while driving themselves  into the shit hole , the only place that best suits them and  they richly deserve.

By Wimal Dheerasekera 

Translated  by Jeff 

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ABSOLUTELY TRUE. The president is still continuing the plans of the Rajapakse regime. Not one criminal will be brought to book , because he is working hand in glove with them. Finally its the ordinary citizen who has to pay the price.
-- by Rohan on 2017-03-18

It was MS`s own admission that he went into hiding during the election results night. He is a timid person. and that is why he disclose that he has a backbone! He has to defend criminals of standing to ensure that any one of them do not execute him. Such a threat has probably been made indrectly.
-- by punchinilame on 2017-03-19

MS has been hoodwinking the masses and the international community for two years now. His primary objective is to protect the corrupt and the criminals. He interferes into every investigation at a different level and stops it. Its time to get rid of him and his government - though there is no better choice left , right now.
-- by Citizen on 2017-03-19

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