Another power mafia racket involving Kerawalapitiya combined cycle power grid !

-6 investments worth 3700 million $ of BOI thrown out to selfishly gobble up Rs. 7 billion !

(Lanka-e-News -04.April.2017, 11.20AM)  The proposal brought by the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), causing an expenditure of R. 7 billion while raising the electricity tariffs to meet the unnecessary expenditure , after  throwing  out  6 salutary foreign investments  of the Investment Board, is yet another proposal of the corrupt electricity power mafia in relation to the construction of the Kerawalapitiya  combined cycle power grid ,with a view to rob and plunder the country .

This proposal  supposedly a 30 kilowatt diesel power grid which would naturally convert into liquid gas power plant in three years is another racket  of Dr. Suren Batagoda the secretary to the minister of power  and renewable energy best known for his worst guiles and guises.  The Sri Lankan government will have to spend Rs. 6.7 billion or more towards this so called power project alias Batugoda racket .

The CEB has proposed to raise the electricity tariffs to meet the cost of this so called project while the country is already drowning  in a sea of debt unable to repay even the loan installments .

On several occasions when SL wanted to construct the natural liquid gas power plant , six companies visited this country in that connection , the BOI reports reveal. Yet this corrupt  power mafia had not permitted any of those companies to invest here .Those companies are :

Lanka Aloka A B (Pvt) Ltd,  
M/s Sithe Global Power Ventures LLCM,  
Energy World International Limited, 
M/s Energy World International Limited, 
M/s Shapoorji Pallonji & Company Pvt Ltd, 
M/s China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC).  

In 2011 , Sithge Gobal power Co. sought to construct a 500 megawatt power grid in Hambantota at a cost of Rs. 1000 million .

In 2005 , Lanka Aloka Co. proposed a BOI megawatt 488 Kerawalapitiya power grid . 

NG World Co.Hong Kong proposed to construct a 600 megawatt power grid in Kerawalapitiya at a cost of Rs. 450 million .

Among them was also a  550 million US dollars  Canadian investor .

The past and present secretaries of the power and energy ministry who are integrated with  the power mafia have rejected all these investments without any justifiable reasons.
After the advent of the good  governance government  alone , six companies came forward for investment in natural  liquid gas  power supply. 

All these investors held meetings with the president and the Prime Minister (P.M.) , and agreed to sign agreements to supply  the power requirements  of the country . Yet casting all these proposals into the trash bin , it is the mafia operated by Batagoda that imposed unbearable electricity Tariff burdens on the people .

The P.M. had drawn the attention of the power and energy ministry political leaders and officials to the fact  that SL has no money to invest  in respect of the electricity power supply sphere . 
The proposal of the investment companies  for power supply to meet the needs of  Sri Lanka presently , that is 2100 megawatts and estimated supply for  the future involves a cost of Rs. 3700 million . This amount of money being invested in SL is obstructed by the power and energy ministry secretary .

Even today this secretary is purchasing coal at US dollars 10.00 more than  the world market prices .( Incidentally , it is a most unforgettable  fact the former secretary Fernandez bought properties in Australia in his children’s names ) . By purchasing diesel produced by the private sector ,and spending  two fold more than what would be spent on  natural gas power production, the CEB is being caused to lose Rs. 14.00 on  every  unit .
It is four officers named in  the ‘black books’ of minister Mangala Samaraweera ,who were engaged in the presidential  campaign in support  of corrupt crooked Rajapakses in 2015 , are shielding and providing support to the corrupt electricity power deals.   

Upul Jayasuriya , lawyer , the chairman of the Board of Investments in SL must reveal to the country ,  the culprit force  that is impeding the foreign  investors  who  arrived  and consented to construct the natural gas liquid power grids in Hambantota , Kerawalapitiya , Seethawaka , Biyagama , and Katunayake  within six months  .

The time has arrived to annihilate this electricity power mafia ,under a system of competition  in the electricity power sphere .

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