While the country is threatened with a holocaust – three deadly fevers raging , Dr.Padeniyas to stage deadly Island wide strike !

(Lanka-e-News- 05.April.2017, 3.30PM) It is while  the whole country is gripped by a most dangerous potential holocaust with diseases such as H1N1 influenza , dengue and similar deadly infectious fevers  raging and  fast spreading across the country , the terror doctors of the GMOA  of Padeniyas and Soysas have sounded  a murderous call  to stage  a  doctors’ strike on the 7 th. 

The Padeniyas by staging this strike are seeking to create a record for the Guiness book purely based on  their atrocity and bestiality  despite being doctors  for , this is the first time in the world , doctors are staging a strike to close down an active  six years old medical College !

Moreover ,  these doctors , if they do strike will go down in history as the worst heartless ruthless medical villains the world had ever known since  they are staging a strike while their motherland is being threatened most ominously by three deadly fast spreading  infectious fevers , unless of course their  next plan is to ‘sell’ the body of a student who dies of the fever on the day of strike to ‘buy’ selfish   popularity .
Though Lanka e news warned about this lethal infectious fever and its spreading like wild fire   about a month ago  , it had been made impossible  to curb and control this fatal infection by  the Padeniyas despite being doctors. Instead of being in the forefront combating this menace they were   unconcernedly and unconscionably staging strikes from district to district disrupting and derailing the national medical  services. 

Now , it is not Lanka e news but the Divaina newspaper  itself which is noted for serving  the sordid biddings of the Padeniyas is reporting that  the country is threatened most ominously   by deadly infectious fevers of three categories.
According to  yesterday’s (04) edition of the Divaina newspaper , because of the H1N1 influenza , all the faculties of Peradeniya University had to be closed day before yesterday (03) , and two faculties of Ruhunu University too were closed because two virus fevers were spreading.

It has also been revealed that owing  to  the H1N1 influenza spreading in the Central province , 17 patients including a pregnant mother died.

The Divaina newspaper also reported that 30 % of the 4000 ( approximately) Hostellers of the Peradeniya University  have contracted the fever , and yesterday alone , over 500 students had visited  the University medical center for treatment  .

By a strange quirk of circumstances , it is these same University students who took  to the streets villainously demanding the closure of SAITM medical College  who have contracted the fever . Much  more cruelly shocking , these students have planned to stage a strike on the 7 th despite their medical condition and   medical treatment they are receiving .

The Lanka Teachers association of Josef Stalin generally hitherto thought of as possessing  at least some grey matter   ,as well as  the pro JVP associations agreeing to support the strike of terror doctor Padeniyas aimed at killing humans  as reported by the media  , only go to prove to the masses how heartless and brainless these union leaders are. 

Meanwhile higher education minister Lakshman Kiriella announced , the government will not go beyond the decision of the court , and SAITM will not be closed under any circumstances. Since the GMOA had now appealed to the supreme Court against the previous court decision , it would be best  if the GMOA as  a responsible body  without misleading the students,  wasting their lecture hours, and dragging them to the streets,   advises the students to wait until the SC delivers its verdict , Kiriella rightly pointed out.

If the people are not prepared to take stern  action against these doctor killers without showing any sympathy to these villainous rascals who are stoking and kindling  strikes at the most inopportune moment  oblivious of the dire situation in the country when three deadly infectious fevers are threatening the lives   of the entire nation , then it is best the nation cowardly  resigns itself to fate , and braces for the worst peril including imminent death.

The bottom line : How can  these doctors who have taken the oath of Hippocrates , and whose medical education was funded by the people , which funds were collected via  tax burdens  imposed on the people hold the same people  to ransom so selfishly , heartlessly and unconscionably , when the primary and paramount duty of these doctors is to serve the sick , and save lives ? 

‘The more I learn of people  the more I love my dog’ said Mark Twain . Let us hope the doctors will not wait to reform themselves until the day  , the people of Sri Lanka make a justifiable modification  to Mark Twain’s quote and say ‘the more we see our Doctors the more  we love the stray dogs’ , and sterilize them like stray dogs  as a punishment in order to ensure at least the future generation will not be plagued by their scions  .

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