Can you beat that ? Judges cutting cake holding fondling hands of accused..! Photo testifies..! : Is Mihal’s JSA permitting or promoting this fondling ?

(Lanka-e-News - 12.April.2017, 7.25) This is not a story taken from ‘Ripley’s Believe it or not’ , rather a shocking story concerning  shameless Sri Lankan (SL) judges of judicial courts who cut cakes holding fondling hands of the accused ,  which  therefore  deserves a most prominent place in Ripley’s book  for openly disgracing  SL’s  sacrosanct independent judiciary  by the very  judges  who are expected to  hold aloft the sacred and hallowed  judicial  traditions and norms. The photograph herein confirms the most deplorable and disgraceful state of affairs which is soiling   the image of SL ‘s judiciary beyond repair.

Second from left in this photograph is judge Sumudhu Premachandra . It were  the photographs of this same judge (born without any sense of shame in much the same way as a naked  animal ) half naked with his wife on Vedda's honeymoon bed making a public display,  we published some time ago.

This  same judge attended the ‘bana (sermon) party’ which  was  conducted on Kandy court premises recently , flagrantly violating Judicial Service Commission circulars . Last year when Premachandra was the judge at Nuwara eliya , along with another judge Nilmini Fernandez who knew sweet nothing about law , and conducted herself like a pavement ‘Watti amma’ ( a pavement vendor),  abusing their lofty judicial positions played ‘pandhu’ collecting monies from those attending court to play a game of cricket  alias ‘criminal cricket carnival’. Unbelievably , a notorious accused , the mayor Dodampegama who has  a number of cases against him which are being heard before these  judges  was a participant  in  the ‘cricket tamasha’ . What’s more ,  the criminal and judges cut the cake together on the occasion (the photograph herein depicts ) !

Much worse , even though complaints have been made to the JSC against such judges playing cricket with criminals  openly , and having fun and frolic with the mayor against whom and his family there are  a number of civil and criminal cases in the courts of these judges  , sadly no action has been taken.
Premachandra and Nilmini  despite being judges , used the staff of the courts to collect cash from those attending courts for their ‘cricket Tamasha’ . In addition  after the cricket match pocketed the balance monies  , according to the courts employees. 

The JSA which comprises nefarious  pro Rajapakse judges of the nefarious era ,and its secretary Mohomed Mihal , instead of taking  urgent and stern measures to chase out such ‘criminal cricket carnival’ criminal  judges who are disgracing the bench and polluting the judicial atmosphere , is  unfortunately wasting all its time on chasing after irrelevant  issues relating to  the  dismissal of  Ramanathan Kannan who had not breached any disciplinary rules , and was appointed duly  and  legally as a high court judge.

In the circumstances , is or isn’t a  hybrid court necessary  for this country is a most pertinent question ? 

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