The probe into the alleged child murder at Matara hospital due to neglect of doctors turns jocular !

(Lanka-e-News - 12.April.2017, 7.25)  The parents of three and half years old Vethuja Dilen Siththaru of Hinnetiya , Matara who died most tragically three and half hours after admission to Matara General hospital due to the wicked negligence and indifference of hospital doctors and staff , handed over a petition on the 11 th to Hospital Director Malkanthi Mediwaka  demanding a transparent and just investigation into this  death .

The child was admitted to Matara hospital with fever , but because no treatment was given to the child in the hospital , and finally as a result of  a wrong injection being  administered after the child developed convulsive fits due to fever , the  child died.    

The parents of Siththaru who arrived at the hospital along with a crowd in a number of vehicles in the morning carrying placards and white flags , went to the official cubicle of the Director along with high ranking  officers of Matara police and handed over the petition. The  Director had said , an investigation will be conducted with a team of doctors of the Matara hospital itself.  The parents have agreed reportedly .

It is an indisputable fact such an investigation can never be impartial ,and it is analogous to  asking the mother of the crook of the robbed  article to investigate . An investigation conducted by a team of the same hospital can never be impartial because the doctors will not expose the faults and negligence of their  colleagues (comrade doctors ).

Moreover , Malkanthi is a director best known for worst corruption . This director who had won ‘trophies’ for corruption during the brutal,  corrupt and crooked Rajapakse era is earnestly waiting for the day the Rajapakses will re capture power so that she can ‘adorn’ her desk  with more ‘corruption awards’ . She is so viciously and venomously pro Rajapakse that she has not attended   even a single Matara district  development meeting , since the advent of good governance government. 

Though she said  emergency cases will be given medical treatment on the day doctors struck work on the 7 th, what she did on the contrary was ,closed the hospital gates and precluded the patients from entering the hospital.  The hospital security detail was instructed not to take anyone inside the hospital .

Malkanthi even on the 11 th kept all the gates of the hospital closed except the front main gates , and beefed up the police security detail. The ordinary visitors to the hospital were frisked severely as though the visitors were trying to  enter the camp of the forces. The public were therefore most harassed and embarrassed. 

If an impartial investigation is to be expected into the negligence and callousness of the hospital staff , surely that must be conducted by the health  ministry . If not treating this ‘killing’ as criminal , the investigations should be entrusted to the police to probe into the criminalities of the ruthless murderous  medical staff . 

If the parents wish to know the answers to the crucial questions : At what time was treatment ought to be administered to the child was actually given ? What was that treatment?  Who  administered it  ?  Who neglected it ? they can leaving aside the investigation of the corrupt hospital director , have recourse to the right to information . The parents are entitled  to these rights even now. 

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