MR’s comic stinking garbage talk show amidst garbage dump tragedy ! -People’s rage militates against aid flowing in

(Lanka-e-News -16.April.2017, 7.35PM)  Legal action can be filed against this government and the politicians of the previous governments based on charges of culpable homicide pertaining to the garbage disposal and failure to remove  the garbage dump , said lawyer Nuwan Bopage who has filed a case in court against the  Meethotamulla  garbage dump , and demanding its removal.

If charges can be mounted for failing to avert a vehicle accident , in the same way culpable homicide charges can be filed against politicians who paid no heed to the cries and clamor of the people since 2011 , to remove this garbage dump , Bopage pointed out.

Why was Marikar greeted with a loud hoot ?

Some days before  the recent  Sinhala New year, the residents met with Marikar M.P. the lapdog of mahajara Maharaja to complain  there was water gushing out from the garbage dump. 

Marikar had replied  , since the parliament is adjourned these days , it is only after the holidays , action , if any can be taken. He had also reassured  the alarmed residents , and told them to go back and enjoy the New Year without worrying over it. Owing to this  Marikar  assurance , the poor residents had to ‘enjoy’ the New Year several feet underground below the garbage  dump, Bopage  lamented. The people expressed their resentment  on the 15 th against  Marikar due to this. 

When journalists questioned , did this disaster strike  because the residents stayed back despite the district secretary instructing them to evacuate ? Bopage said in response  , the residents who were living there for 5 generations cannot be expected to leave simply because the district secretary gives instructions. It is not that we voluntarily came into the garbage dump , rather the garbage dump was thrust into our midst. When we were staging protests , if only a solution was truly  sought for this issue without assaulting and chasing us , this tragedy would not have occurred, he further charged. 

The residents alleged the media are not portraying the true picture of this monumental tragedy. Because Marikar is a lackey and lickspittle of mahajara Maharaja , the media of the latter are not publishing the truth. Because Kudu Duminda is a party to this garbage dumping operation , the kudu TV channel is also not telling the truth . Because the Rajapakses are mainly blameworthy , pro Rajapakse media  too are suppressing the truth . Because this is an issue concerning  the incumbent government , the state media too are concealing the facts , the people bemoaned  exposing the misleading  and unscrupulous media coolies. 

Aid in short supply …

Meanwhile based on reports reaching Lanka e news , there is a short supply of meals not only to the victims but even to the forces engaged in the rescue operations  .

Jeering and hooting at  Marikar and Sagala in the morning of 15 th did  another  good thing : the politicos who rush to make hay while the sun shines to score cheap plus points have been deterred and daunted so much so  that they kept away (at least for a while) , and the victims were therefore  saved from being greeted by hypocritical rascals and scoundrels. The politicos fearing  that they would also  receive the same disgraceful treatment meted out to  Marikar  and Sagala , are showing reluctance to go to the venue of the disaster  even to amuse themselves under the guise of showing sympathy.

Meanwhile 23 suspects who robbed the houses of the victims were arrested by the police . This is clear proof  to what lowliest level humans can stoop . The four legged beasts are better than these two legged brutes.

Mara’s stinking garbage talk show…

Meanwhile notorious Machiavellian mendacious Medamulana Mahinda Rajapakse , the ex president who during his ten years reign was responsible for this garbage dumping  and providing encouragement towards that related   a most stinking garbage story in connection with his garbage dump  of which he is the architect. 

He said , because there was a tug- o- war between the government and the  provincial councils , the Meethotamulla garbage dump issue could not be resolved during his tenure of office.

According to what mendacious ex president Mahinda revealed  , the answer perhaps has to be found by searching for  president Brahamadhatta of  Maha Bharath. It is a pity the murderous  Rajapakses who sent a white van to abduct even a fly that glides  over  them when they  were ruling , have forgotten it is their own  younger brother Gota who was not only the chief of  Urban Development Authority but even  of the low lying land development  during that period .
Besides they were having a government with a two third majority , as well as controlling power over all the provincial councils. Hence Medamulana Mahinda best known for mendacity and Machiavellianism saying ,   in spite of all these truths staring in his face , that  the Meethotamulla garbage dump issue could not be resolved during his time because of a tug o war between the government and the provincial councils is the biggest joke of the century . 

It is significant to note the garbage dumping at Meethotamulla was commenced during the 20 years period of the  government of Rajapakses , and the incumbent president was the environment minister then.

The rescue operations of the forces are  still continuing.

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Which individuals have been responsible for recommending houses to be built around a garbage dump?Were the architects and building contractors bufoons?Besides the danger of a possible calamitious collapse when conditions are ideal, it is defintely injurious to ones health to dwell in proximity to such a huge waste-dumping ground. It might have been a better strategy to employ trained dogs that could have sniffed out human bodies still buried under the rubbel and thus save lives rather than entertaining Maharajas petty lackeys to run around like lap dogs or to hear the empty barks of a former dictator of a mongrel whose sole aim is to gain political goodwill at any cost.
-- by Rohan Perera on 2017-04-18

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