More bribery scandals surface after our exposure of Bribery demanded from Recycling Companies by Isuru and Champika ! President’s secretary demands $ 20 million saying it is for president and his son

(Lanka-e-News -24.April.2017, 6.40PM)  Following the exposure by Lanka e news which champions  the cause of truth , justice and national interests come what may , regarding  how chef minister Isuru Devapriya’s wife demanded Rs. 3 million US dollars as bribe from a Canadian Co. , and minister Champika Ranawake through his subordinates demanded  3.5 million  US dollars from an American Co., we are deluged with information about how the officials of good governance government too demanded kickbacks .

One of those most deplorable, disgraceful  and despicable incidents involves , Miyuru Bashitha Liyanage , the parliamentary affairs co ordinating secretary from infernal burning hell, of president Maithripala Sirisena asking a bribe of US dollars 20 million from a Company citing  Daham Sirisena the son of the president , and that amount has to be paid  to the latter through his son.

The shocking  incident and its lurid  details are as follows :

Since 2012 , various companies of countries of the world had been from time to time making project proposals to the Sri Lankan government pertaining to embellishment  of the streets with powerful LED bulbs instead of the traditional bulbs now used.  Since during the corrupt nefarious reign of the Rajapakse brigand  , all project proposals were controlled by the Rajapakse family groups, the broker role in this LED project was played by Himal Hettiarachi the son of Mahinda Rajapakse ‘s late elder sister . All LED projects had to be channeled through his Co. by the name of Chesmi Consolidated .

Except for two Companies that agreed to give the illicit commission demanded by Himal’s Co. ,all the other companies abandoned their idea after refusing to pay the commission demanded  , and left the shores. The two Companies remaining were : LS Communication and  Semielectrical Lanka Co.  Believe it or not , both these were companies that were not capable of producing even candles let alone LCD bulbs.  They were only brokers. 

At present there are about 800,000 street lights in the country , and among them only about 500,000 lights have been fitted legally. The balance have been fitted illegally to suit  the needs of provincial councilors .

Finally , the two Companies that are brokers agreed to pay the massive  commission demanded by Chesmi Consolidated group of Himal Hettiarachi , and to launch the LED project.  

This company of Himal Hettiarachi  comprised of  a Korean national  and Srinath Perera who had returned to the Island after working in Korea as a laborer. This agreement was reached towards the end of 2014 , and fortunately for the country , on 8 th January 2015 ,  the corrupt perfidious Rajapakse brigand was  thrown out lock, stock and barrel on the votes of the people. 

Thereafter ,the same companies that agreed to give the commissions , some time later started their underhand negotiations they were accustomed to with the new government . In the new wheeler dealer activities , it was Miyura Bashitha Liyanage the president’s parliamentary affairs secretary who is facilitating the deal.
Miyuru Bashitha who knows nothing about LED or any other technology however is an expert in commission collecting techniques . He has demanded US $ 20 million to obtain the cabinet approval .  Bashitha has said , a share of the 20 million dollar commission is to be given to president through Daham Sirisena. Finally , Bashitha was paid a bribe of 1 million dollars as an advance.
 After Bashitha ‘s palm was greased with this sum , he had begun exerting intense pressure on  all the relevant Institutions to secure the approval . Bashitha has informed  all the Institutions this is president’s project , and to grant the necessary approval.  

On one of these occasions ,when Bashitha was exerting pressure on the finance ministry , the officials have told him to directly communicate with  the relevant  minister himself. Bashitha ‘the great’ Lilliputian basking in president’s glory or so he claims  has told them , he would even transfer the minister out , and get his needs attended.

In the past , it was Bashitha who after bribing the media coolies ensured distorted reports were published that the finance minister is going to be removed from his portfolio. That was  with the motive to daunt and upset the finance ministry officials with a view to achieve his traitorous goal and foul aims. Unbelievably , one unscrupulous media coolie who collected Bashitha’s kickback went as far as to splash the spurious news of  the transfer out of finance minister as headline news.

 Bashitha from infernal burning hell through his machinations and maneuvers has  already  progressed quite far in his efforts to grant the project to aforementioned Semilectrical Lanka Co. and Korean Telecom Co. ignoring tender procedures. If Bashitha’s villainous anti national aim and objective are accomplished , the country will lose over US dollars 100 million! 

When the Parliamentary  divisional   monitoring select committee for power and energy summoned Bashitha before it  during the recent past , the latter told the parliamentarians and the officials , not to object to this project ,as the president has entrusted him with the task  of enlightening the select committee on it. Owing to these  bold  utterances of Bashitha implicating the president , all are of the opinion that President is indeed providing support to these shady  deals.

May we recall Lanka e news in its earlier report revealed Miyuru Bashitha’s most despicable and deplorable activities to the detriment of the country selling the president’s name . It was exposed how he was forcing the female officers to yield to  his requests , as well as the pressures he was bringing to bear on the criminal investigations now under way against Rajapakses. 

It is a pity , the president who won elections on solemn promises of replacing a lawless corrupt government with  a government of good governance along with  honest officers rallying around him , has instead , so far  taken into his fold only all the crooked goofs and goons as his secretaries who are experts only in the sphere of  guiles and guises for personal gains . No wonder the country is stymied in its efforts to extricate itself from the economic morass driven into by the past corrupt , criminal and lawless Rajapakse regime  .

If the president does not take measures against Bashitha and his rackets , the pro good governance masses who steered him to power will have no  option except to conclude that the president and Dhaham Sirisena have in fact requested a bribe of US dollars 20 million through Bashitha . It is therefore the responsibility of president Maithripala Sirisena to clear the atmosphere , and prove he is  not involved 

( These two photographs herein clearly depict the difference : President himself opens and holds the umbrella but his corrupt secretary Bashitha Miyuru is unable to do that . Henchmen do that for him. Whither Sri Lanka ?)  

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IF MY3 has a backbone, he must remove this Presidential" Broke" for the sake of G.G. At the same time he should have the Govt. Establishment ` circulated` that anyone using the Presidents Name or Office for any transaction, must verify same, with a named Officer at the Presidents Office, henceforth. This will/may make inspirings changes to GG! Will he do it??
-- by punchinilame on 2017-04-24

Mr.President you are been taken up the GUM tree.Wenasa looks good.
-- by mahinda on 2017-04-26

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