Ranils own wolf devours his anti corruption bombasts ! Secretary turns saboteur.! FCID is finished and so is good governance !!

(Lanka-e-News - 26.April.2017, 11.00PM)  The main aim and objective of the good governance government which was installed in power following the rainbow revolution of 2015-01-08 was to eradicate frauds and corruption in toto.  Sadly however , Lanka e news is compelled to reveal a most pathetic story  to the civilized people of Sri Lanka  that the office of the prime minister (P.M.) has completely overturned these  targeted goals  and taken steps to extirpate these salutary aims and agendas from its very roots. 

The traitorous satan who is solely and wholly  behind these treacherous and anti national activities militating against the actions taken by the incumbent government so far to stamp out frauds and corruption , and who is playing the key role in these dastardly activities is shockingly none other than Saman Ekanayake , a rascally rapacious wolf in human clothing - the secretary to the P.M.  

The crucial question is , does the P.M. know the deadly , detrimental and deplorable  activities of this devil incarnate  , and pretending not to know? Or does he not truly know?  Lanka e news  of course is still not aware of the true position.
The truth is as follows…

This is how the aims and agendas of the January  8 th 2015 revolution are being subverted and sabotaged…
The primary aim and anticipation of the people of the victorious rainbow revolution was  to flush out the crooks and cronies of the corrupt nefarious Rajapakse decade from the  nooks and crannies , and duly punish them .

A group of most  honest independent officers were appointed with the approval of the 12 political parties which contributed to the victory of  the good governance government in connection with this task under the 100 days program of the good governance government .

The ‘Anti corruption Bureau’  was inaugurated at the P.M.’s office, and releasing of grants towards it were under the purview of P.M.’s secretary ,Saman Ekanayake. 

It is following the investigation of the complaints received by the above ‘Anti Corruption  Bureau’ and conducted by its ‘prolific unit’ , the FCID was entrusted with the investigation into the  charges. 

The satanic scoundrel  of a secretary of the PM. , Saman Ekanayake a two legged wolf , the slimy  government officer however began his traitorous activities first and foremost by stopping the most essential  transport allowances due to the ‘Anti Corruption Bureau prolific unit’,  which payments are made by the P.M.’s office that  releases the grants. 

Thereafter , since March all expenditures of that prolific unit were stopped, whereby the operations of the prolific unit ,the heart and nucleus of the Anti corruption Bureau were brought to a grinding  halt completely , which meant the FCID too will naturally be rendered inoperative. In the end investigating corruption and frauds will also necessarily come to a dead end. 

Most unfortunately , this is the situation that prevails now. It is significant to note , all the officers of the prolific unit of the Anti Corruption Bureau are absolutely committed to their tasks , and are dedicated to serving the country with honesty unlike wolves in human clothing and traitorous slimy scoundrels . In fact those officers do not even claim the super luxury vehicle allowances etc.  payable to State officers . They are therefore true patriots as opposed to traitors posing  as  state officers while sabotaging and subverting whatever good the good governance government is striving to do on behalf of the people .
Now , the Anti Corruption Bureau prolific unit is no more ! Therefore the FCID too has absolutely nothing to do. They have to spend their time smoking , drinking tea and plucking flowers. The corrupt and the crooks of course will continue to drink ‘gold’ from silver goblets , while the people are  deluded and led down the garden path, as long as Satan Ekanayake  holds sway. 

It is a  matter for shock and surprise if Ranil Wickremesinghe P.M. is not aware  that his secretary Saman Ekanayake alias Satan Ekanayake  is a wolf and traitor even after his engaging in all these rascally activities  under the P.M.’s  very nose . 

In any event , the rascally , satanic  and sabotage activities of  State officer Saman Ekanayake  who has by now proved beyond any doubt he is a two in one devil incarnate – ‘slimy wolf cum  Satan’  have not seen the end . Hence , Lanka e news will continue to  reveal more about this devil incarnate in the future. 

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I hope he is not a another ROYALIST ... traitor.
-- by Ruwan Perera on 2017-04-26

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