True story behind the special army force to be formed under Sarath Fonseka –Is it to repress the masses ?

(Lanka-e-News -28.April.2017, 7.20PM)  The new responsibilities that are to be entrusted to  Sarath Fonseka by the government of good governance are being interpreted by various people in various ways . This is in fact a new plan with a view to effectively mobilize the essential services for and on behalf of the people in order to preclude their  lives from being crushed by evil forces  , and it is not a controlling mechanism as portrayed by the  blabbering and bluffing outmoded leftists . Besides this will not be outside  the ambit of parliamentary affairs , as revealed to Lanka e news by   informed sources of the highest echelons of the government . 

It is well to recall the ruthless  strikes staged during the recent past were absolutely unlawful , and meaningless.  One case in point was the strike staged by doctors across  the entire Polonnaruwa  district  on 21 st April to the detriment of the suffering patients  and the entire country . That strike was staged because another doctor was appointed to a station targeted by satanic  Padeniyas who wanted to plant one of their stooges there , and based on  personal vendetta .

That doctor was appointed by the ministry with the approval of the GMOA and strictly abiding by the laws. The strike was unimaginably cruel  because it was commenced the following morning after giving notice   the previous evening.(The relevant video footage and complete report were subsequently published  ). Such lightning strikes are not advocated under  any labor laws anywhere in the world , and it was therefore  aimed at totally sabotaging and terrorizing  the health service of the country , thereby  causing immeasurable harm and suffering  to patients .

It is the duty of a responsible government  to avert such deadly sabotage activities which can engender grave danger to the nation , and imperil lives ,  by falling back on its essential services. If an effective answer is to be found to combat such anti national  terrorizing activities ,in order to run  the essential services the  united  support of the three forces , the Police , the media and  civil organizations are necessary , and to enlist the services  of the three forces , Sarath Fonseka was  chosen to undertake that responsibility. 

So far it was under the executive president alone such essential services were run. Since the president is anticipating to abolish the executive presidency ,  this  move  is  being viewed as another step taken by Maithripala Sirisena to vest  some of his  executive presidency powers in the parliament  .
In any event , this is a responsibility that is being vested in a cabinet member who is answerable to parliament , and not going to be a separate  controlling  body outside the powers of the  parliament . In any case this is still a proposal , and no more.

The reports that Sarath Fonseka is to be appointed again as Army commander are  falsehoods. Under the laws , a retired army commander cannot be appointed again . No country in the world has followed such a practice. 

It is the  ignorant who say , a new Institution is being created to restore discipline in the country. To restore discipline no such Institutions are needed . The laws are already there to maintain discipline. Towards that end , there are law and order ministry , the Police, and the courts. Even there are all the  religions  to inculcate discipline . Just because  foolish undisciplined clergymen abuse religion and behave like beasts and brutes  , discipline advocated by religion meant to be cultivated among  humans does not ebb away.  Hence ,the story that  discipline is to inculcated through Fonseka is hilarious.  

Molkantha’s story that surpasses Wijeweera’s in stupidity… 

JVP ‘s confirmed ace buffoon Lalkantha well noted for his tomfooleries , but  who yet pretends he is a  pundit on all matters issued a stupid communiqué on the 27 th stating ‘ a special force is being created under Sarath Fonseka to repress  protests and struggles.’   By that communiqué he only proved that though the JVP is 50 years old , those at the helm of it are imbeciles and idiots , whose thinking power are naught , and are still stubbornly  following in the same footsteps of ‘pundit’ Wijeweera who was the sole architect responsible   for    the deaths of countless  innocent youths while he was espousing a mad rebel cause during his time.
Prior to the stupid self destructive  JVP insurgency in 1971 , Rohana Wijeweera the so called ‘great’ rebel leader of the JVP pointed at a huge heap of rocks along the coast of Galle and  said , the government of  that time was building a camp for the  American forces. He even ‘decorated’ his allegation by saying the granite stones there have been brought to build the walls of the camp. During that period ,  Victor Ivan , Sunanda Deshapriya and Lionel Bopage believed Wijeweera  implicitly and thought he was telling the truth .They without batting an eyelid  accepted Wijeweera’s ‘fairy tale’ that an armed struggle should therefore be waged against the American threat. At last , it was a hotel (Koggala Hotel)  that was constructed along the Galle coast  which is still existing . This Lalkantha alias Molkanthaya’s accusations of a ‘special army force’ are also similar.

Lalkantha also commented  ,through a former army commander fear is being spread. Even a Molkanthaya would have better common sense than Lalkanthaya . Therefore shallow and slimy Lalkanthaya’s head must be examined to determine whether it is hollow  , and his bird brain is moth eaten. That would do a great amount of good to his own party before he can lead them into another holocaust  like his mentor.

It is a pertinent question whether the JVP ers who contested under the political Front which was led by that same above mentioned army commander Sarath Fonseka were in fear while they were members of parliament for five years from 2010 ? Did they get scared when Sarath Fonseka the former army commander was being propelled to make him the president ?  It is better to remain silent and thought a fool than to talk out (issuing communiqués) and remove all doubts about it . Lalkantha alias Molkantha only removed all doubts  about his idiocy and imbecility by issuing that communiqué on the 27 th.
Indeed , if a good governance government is to create a special army force   to  repress the people , it is not the political opportunists Lalkanthas and hypocritical  Molkanthas who were on the fence in 2015 waiting to get the best from both sides who should worry, rather it is Lanka e news along with the 50 or so civil organizations which directly and honestly campaigned with commitment to elect the good governance government  , that  should  spearhead the campaign against such a move.  We say this taking full responsibility .

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