Of the 44 media personnel who died 41 are Tamils ! Why no proper probe ? - C.M. asks at commemoration ceremony of first Web editor Sivaram

(Lanka-e-News - 30.April.2017, 9.25PM)  The investigations into the murders of Tamil journalists during the period of the war are progressing at snail’s pace , lamented northern  chief minister C.V. Wigneswaran .

The chief minister made this revelation when delivering the speech at the 12 th commemoration ceremony of senior journalist  late Dharmaratnam Sivaram alias ‘Tharaki’ , a Tamil national  who wrote in English . The ceremony was held at Kilinochchi on 29 th April. 

Like how the investigations  into the deaths of other journalists are being conducted , these murders shall also be probed swiftly and duly,  the chief minister pointed out. 

A  number of representatives of the media associations of the South too attended the ceremony. 

Of the 44 journalists and personnel in the services of the  media who died  , 41 are Tamil nationals , yet it is a matter for deep regret so far proper  investigations into those have not been   conducted , Wigneswaran asserted. 

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