Maithri at last by eliminating a stinking garbage fungus clears half of the garbage heap !

-Corrupt environmental authority Director ousted..!

(Lanka-e-News - 30.April.2017, 9.20PM)  Following the tragedy resulting from  Meethotamulla garbage dump collapse , president Maithripala Sirisena has extirpated  a stinking  ‘garbage fungus’ which  was thriving on garbage ,and was  a cause of monumental  problems to the entire country for many years . This stinking ‘garbage fungus ’ is none other than the corrupt State officer  K.M. Muthukuda Arachchi, the  Director General of the Environmental Authority , based on reports reaching Lanka e news 

This Muthukuda Arachi whose corruption stinks of corruption worse than the garbage dump was caught red handed when he furnished a bogus report to the president who is also the minister of environment .He was therefore chased out from his post lock, stock and barrel at lightning speed. 

When the people opposed the garbage dumping  at Dompe , the president called for an immediate  report from the Central Environmental  Authority that authorized the site. The president who scrutinized the report forwarded by the Environmental Authority had realized the report was full of errors. When Professor Lal Mervyn Dharmasiri, the chairman of the Central Environmental Authority was questioned on this , he had said , he knew  nothing about the report , and it was prepared by  Muthukuda Arachchi . The president has then instructed the chairman to inquire about the errors in the report from Muthukuda.

When inquiries were made by Prof. Dharmasiri from Muthukuda , the latter had scolded the former in the most foul and filthiest language. The president based on the errors in the report as well as the conduct  of  Muthukuda who used filth to bitterly berate the chairman of the Environmental Authority had ordered  Muthukuda  a most stinking garbage fungus and therefore  deserving to be buried  only within the garbage dump and not outside,  to be packed and  sent home with immediate effect .

It is well to recall it is this stinking Muthukuda the most corrupt Environmental Director General who earlier on along with Saman Senanayake the Kurunegala environmental  chief who suppressed the most dangerous environmental pollution involving the Norwegian Jiffy factory which was releasing the toxic calcium nitrate to the Deduru Oya , when Lanka  e news and some other media were exposing this with copious evidence for a long period. This same corruption stinking Mutukuda even went so  far as to rescue the other corrupt scoundrel Saman Senanyake when president was inquiring into it . Mutukuda on that occasion even deceived the president by concocting all bogus stories in defense.
When large  scale factories were launching  operations with the approval of the Sri Lanka Investment Board , it was this rascally Muthukuda who played a key role to grant approvals after abjectly surrendering not only to the benefits and perks but even for a quarter bottle of arrack (sometimes kasippu) offered by these factories . No wonder the country ‘s environment was fast heading for a total devastation !

Though the president took this long to realize the environmental disaster this stinking scoundrel was wreaking on the country , even the worms within the garbage were long before aware of the crimes Muthukuda  the stinking ‘garbage Director General’ was committing to the detriment of the country. The day this rascal dies , even  the worms under the earth would fight shy of getting close to his corpse . 

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As the government couldn't find a place to dump garbage, it is letting all Colombo residences to pile up garbage at their homes and storing it at their residences and let grow bacteria, fungus, ameba, worms and insects and make everyone prone to dangerous diseases. They collect dirty polythene bags that comes with fish, meat, milk, etc and other plastics and papers only once a week which gives sufficient period for germs and insects to grow and spread comfortably. Just don't fall into the trap of recycling and just clear the garbage from the houses and dump it. For heavens sake just don't get toppled just mere garbage issue. Recycling story is going on for the last 25 years, it didn't happen because its not practical with these tiny houses in Colombo and their lifestyle, and not at all cost effective if you look at the man hours spent by the masses for this process.
-- by Palitha on 2017-05-01

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