We shall punish the Rajapakses for their crimes before next May day rally ! We are ready for face to face battle: We do what we say ! (video)

–Rajitha makes forceful and forthright speech..!

(Lanka-e-News - 02.May.2017, 2.40PM)  ‘We shall be holding the next May day rally only after meting out punishment to the Rajapakses for  the ruthless murders , outrageous  robberies and shameless  perfidies they committed. We  shall be doing this forthrightly and fearlessly ,’ said , Rajitha Senaratne most vociferously at the May day rally of the United National Front on the 1st. 

We are ready to battle face to face . The conspiracy to enlist even  10 Fonsekas and topple the government shall be defeated , Rajitha exhorted.  

A People’s referendum will be held this year and a new constitution introduced . The homes of those who are in the cabinet with one foot in the Rajapakse  camp and  opposing this , while  hatching conspiracies will be raided  , Rajitha warned. 

The fierce ,furious and forthright speech of  minister Rajitha Senaratne can  be watched hereunder 

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Very impressive speech.It was like little rain in a desert to all of us!
-- by Gratiaen Hewa on 2017-05-02

We have heard enough of this rhetoric. What we want is action, not words. With so many roughs of the former government holding ministerial posts, nothing could be expected. The present government is protecting the past and present roughs
-- by Peter on 2017-05-02

As long as MY3 and RAN3 are holding the reins the Rajafucksha's will never face justice, Shame!
-- by mike on 2017-05-02

Next May Day is in 2018, it's a saying just to pasify the masses. Not positive at all. Just foolish talk.
-- by Carl on 2017-05-03

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