All flatulence no substance Padeniya summoned to court to plead his cause why he should not be punished !

(Lanka-e-News - 05.May.2017, 11.55PM) Dr. Padeniya the chief of the GMOA whose name is by now synonymous  with inflicting cruelty on innocent patients through doctors’  strikes was issued notice today (05) by the Appeal court to appear in court   on 22 nd May  based on contempt of court charges filed against him.  

This is a sequel to a petition filed against him based on charges of vilification of courts and its powers , and therefore requesting court to  mete out punishment to him duly following  a trial  .The petition that was filed on the 4th was heard on the 5 th. ,before a panel of  two judges comprising Vijitha Malalgoda (president)  ,and S. Thurairaja .

Lanka e news revealed on 2 nd May such a petition was going to be filed . This petition was filed in the appeal court on the 4 th by Professor Sarath Wijeysuriya the convener of the National movement for just society , and Gamini Viyangoda , the joint convener of the organizations of the Citizen’s force .

When the petition was taken up for hearing on the 5th , Lawyer Upul Jayasuriya P.C. appearing on behalf of the two petitioners made submissions.

 On the 7 th of April when the Doctors struck work Island  wide , in the evening on that day at a meeting held in front of the Fort railway station , aspersions were cast on the verdict delivered by the courts pertaining to the SAITM   issue , which were derogatory of the judiciary , the lawyer Jayasuriya pointed out in court .

Dr. Padeniya who is by now a byword for hypocrisy and cruelty to patients ,and better known as a monstrous medical villain rather than a medical practitioner despite having  taken the oath of Hippocrates , painted an absolutely erroneous picture of the judicial courts when he said at the meeting , the courts are subordinating justice to the advice of the Attorney General (AG) , while also questioning why the judges should be paid a salary?  And that they are fanatics. 
It is to be noted the appeal court delivered its decision on SAITM issue  not only on the advice of the AG , but after weighing the pros and cons of the submissions made by the GMOA . Padeniya the buffoon who excels in tomfoolery and whose gaze is fixed only on filthy lucre however earned naturally could not  see the justice in the verdict of the court . He therefore turned not only blind to the truth but also sought to conceal  the true picture. Indeed, it was the same GMOA of Padeniya that took this matter up to the supreme court against the appeal court decision while condemning and disparaging the courts. 

Based on the submissions made by Upul Jayasuriya , the appeal court ordered that Padeniya be noticed to appear  before court on the 22 nd , to make submissions and plead his cause in his defense. 

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