Holiday in Paris of senile duo Shiranthi and Daisy aachi cost Rs. 250 million of public funds !

-Drink and the devil Wesak sight seeing by duo !

(Lanka-e-News -07.May.2017, 11.45PM) Shiranthi Ammandi the wife of ex president has spent or rather wasted over Rs. 25 million of public funds just to see Wesak in Paris during the nefarious corrupt decade of the Medamulana Mahinda Rajapakse when he was ruling  the country keeping the oppressed people trampled under his despotic boots. Shiranthi enjoyed this holiday in Paris along with Daisy Achchi  (Daisy Forrest) who became notorious when Yoshitha’s ( Mahinda’s son) property  racket was exposed . This tipsy Wesak sight seeing report has just  come to light  !

Though these two old crocks who were having fun and frolic at  the expense of public funds went to Paris in 2014 purportedly to see Wesak celebrations held   by UNESCO , that year the official celebration of Wesak by United Nations was as ordinary as our own Wesak celebrations in Sri Lanka this year . That Wesak celebration was held in Ninh Binh city, in Vietnam. 

The entourage of Shiranthi and Daisy Achchi had chosen a most expensive and luxurious hotel , King George V Hotel in Paris during their stay from 20 th to 24 th May 2014 to enjoy to the hilt .  Believe it or not , the SL foreign ministry has footed  their bills in entirety  amounting to Rs. 25 , 080,681.49 ( over Rs. 25 million !). The Air  ticket fares amounting to Rs. 768,399.66 which were  included in the total expenses  were paid by the presidential secretariat of Mahinda Rajapakse the president at that time !

What is most disgusting  and repulsive  about this wasteful extravagance at state expense is , even the Queen Elizabeth the second who is still living does not stay in this King George V hotel which is in existence since the time of King George when she visits Paris , because the charges are so exorbitant . Yet our own senile super duper ‘mean Queen’ and her withered Daisy achchi had no qualms about staying in such a super luxurious hotel spending precious funds of the poor people of Sri Lanka. When Rome was burning only Nero was fiddling . In SL during the nefarious decade of Mahinda Rajapakse  ,when home was ‘burning’ under economic burdens of the common man  , he and his family were not only fiddling even diddling merrily .

What’s more ! the  senile duo   Shiranthi Ammandi the so called orthodox Christian and withered Daisy who supposedly went on an official tour to see Wesak in Paris , had also consumed  liquor in the Mini Bar of the hotel to further heighten their jollity like women roaming  the streets  - all at state expense !  The liquor bills  of theirs were Euros 253  at one bar ; Euros 221 at another bar ; and Euros 371 at yet another bar .(on  the last day ,the Wesak ‘devotees’ have got intoxicated  more in the name of religion) . The SL rupee equivalent of a Euro in 2014 was Rs.176.00  meaning that the senile duo  had spent about Rs. 150,000.00 of public funds towards liquor consumption alone for their tipsy Wesak sight seeing.
Hereunder are the mirth and merriment  expenditure bills of the senile duo Shiranthi Ammandi and Daisy achchi …

Hotel stay and mini bar liquor expenditure without breakfast -  Rs. 16,175,465.76 (Euros 88552.00) 
Vehicle hiring charges – Rs. 7,593,061.56 (Euros 41650.00) 
Air ticket fares - Rs. 768,399.66 (Euros 4200.00) 
Other VIP expenses  - Rs. 543,754.51 (Euros 2994.94)  
Total expenditure  - Rs. 25,080,681.00 ( Euros 137,396. 94 )
These are the culprits wasting public funds without let or hindrance most unconscionably  on mere Wesak sight seeing, and their clan  who wanted black flags to be hoisted this Wesak citing the bogus grounds that the country is going to be sold to Indian Prime Minister Modi .

Minister of foreign affairs Mangala Samaraweera yesterday tabled in parliament  the details exposing  the profligate life style expenditures of the Rajapakses  who wasted  precious public funds throughout their reign for their personal pleasures , and to gratify their maniacal whims . The details of the expenditure can be downloaded by clicking hereunder.

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I can understand if these bloodsucking amandis and aachis went to Budhagaya or Kapilavastu to celebrate Wesak.Can you imagine a devout muslim going to Tokyo to celebrate Hajj or a devout Hindu going to Rome to celebrate Thai Pongal?Any news about these two leeches shopping bills while admiring candle lit vesak lanterns and LED-lit pandals on Champs Elysées Avenue and/or Avenue Montaigue?
-- by Emily Nona on 2017-05-10

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