IGP ‘ s meditation show invites attacks on his anti narcotics police team at Piliyandala . One officer dead !

(Lanka-e-News - 10.May.2017, 7.05PM)  Two officers of the police  team of the Anti Narcotics Bureau were injured and another was shot dead on Moratuwa road ,  Piliyandala on the 9 th night , based on reports .

Newmal Rangajeewa  IP, a notorious officer of the Bureau and his assistant Chaminda who received gunshot injuries were  admitted to hospital where they are being treated. Rangajeewa had sustained injuries on  the forehead .
While the anti narcotics team was traveling in a jeep , a group that arrived on a motor bike had fired at them , and fled. The officer who drove  the jeep died on the spot. An 8 years old girl and a 15 years old boy who were in a neighboring shop had also been caught in the gun fire  , it is learnt.

It is a pity the police force under  IGP Poojitha Jayasundara ( who is meditating instead of investigating),  in relation to  another shooting incident too  had still not been able to arrest the murderers of Samayan who died when the prisoners were being transported in a bus . The killers in that incident  fled after shooting at the bus. 

How can the IGP  discharge his duties duly or make arrests when he is wasting  all his time only on self publicity gimmicks ,and   on ensuring ,  his subordinates abide by the  orders issued by him to  meditate every  morning to boost his image  (which is by now well known as moth eaten ), while neglecting his own onerous official duties ? 

Since Rangajeewa of the anti Narcotics Bureau is well known for his wheeler dealer activities in association with drug dealers , it is difficult to believe this shooting was done by the drug dealers based on informed sources within the police. 

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