Who is the mysterious ‘uncle’ who forcibly obtained a blood sample of a 11 years old girl and vanished ?

(Lanka-e-News -10.May.2017, 7.45PM)   The Kinniya police are conducting investigations into  an incident in which an unidentified individual forcibly collected blood from the finger of  a 11 years old girl . 

Following a complaint made by Noor Lebbe Sadath of No. 03 village , Maharoofnagar , Kinniya on the 5 th (Friday) , investigations have been launched , the police revealed.

“My daughter who returned home after school told me during the interval when she was in the playground , some unidentified ‘uncle’ who arrived in a car pierced her finger with a needle , and bolted after collecting her  blood sample”, the complaint of Noor Lebbe states.
After the complaint was made , on the same day of the incident this child was admitted to Kinniya hospital , and later transferred to Trincomalee hospital. Trincomalee hospital medical authority Anushika Raj Mohan revealed to Lanka e news on 8 th evening , the report of the blood sample that was collected in the ward has not been received yet by her , and the girl left the ward on the 7 th.

R.G. Dharmadasa 
Translated by Jeff 

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