Gunning down Narcotics Rangajeewa: result of a conspiracy of the Police top brass ? -Poojitha disobeys Sagala’s orders and suppresses investigations

(Lanka-e-News -16.May.2017, 6.15AM) In connection with the murder of a police officer and causing serious injuries to two  others of the anti Narcotics bureau on 9 th  May following a  shooting incident  on Moratuwa Road , Piliyandala , grave suspicions have arisen that it was a consequence of  the illicit connections existing between the gunmen  and those within  the anti narcotics bureau , based on reports reaching our Lanka e news inside information division.

The main reason supporting this view  is the publication of false media reports  distorting the true picture regarding  this incident by the anti narcotics bureau , and despite the minister of law and order Sagala Ratnayake naming DIG Latheef to be entrusted with the task of probing  into this and furnish a report  , the IGP still  dilly dallying without delegating those duties to Latheef , even at the time of publication of the report .Latheef is well reputed as a rare police officer who executes his duties efficiently and impartially.Besides , Latheef being the chief of the STF ,he is equipped with all the resources to conduct a thorough investigation  into this. 

Even  after the minister instructed the IGP to provide  him with a comprehensive report  within 3 days , that is before the 13 th pertaining to the unprepared raid conducted by the anti narcotics bureau team   , the IGP even on the 13 th the date of the deadline had not entrusted Latheef with the task nor instructed the CID to investigate. Besides , the Anti Narcotics Bureau is still continuing with the probe. 

It is very evident from this , the IGP and  DIG Kamal Silva in charge of Anti Narcotics Bureau are together seeking to suppress this investigation.

Background of the incident.

It is very clear this attack was based on a plan to murder most notorious  IP Neomal Rangajeewa who has been  in the Anti Narcotics Bureau for donkey’s years. Rangajeewa is a notorious wheeler dealer putting through illicit deals in association with drug dealers . However , he is so crafty that using the unscrupulous media coolies ( now in plenty in SL) creates the impression to the outside he has performed heroic feats , and therefore a ‘great hero’, falsely  though .He has been collecting colossal amounts of money from the drug dealers , and the higher ups too have been  getting  their shares  through him.

Rangajeewa is a millionaire who owns 5 super luxury homes and vehicles which the police itself has detected.  Among his vehicles are : A truck that transports containers at Colombo Port , a Caterpillar he gives on hire, a Backhoe and many more. It is obvious just an IP cannot amass  this amount of assets out of his salary and rewards from Anti Narcotics raids. Owing to this reason alone , from the time of IGP Ilangakoon , over 15 complaints have been receieved against him.

Rangajewa had the ability to seize  drugs  at any time . If  the anti narcotics bureau following its raid is unable to report the necessary quantity seized to the higher ups , Rangajeewa negotiates with  a drug dealer , and produces a quantity as having been  seized. What is specially  noteworthy is  , he always produced the addicts with the  heroin , but  not the dealers with the  heroin .
Kamal Silva is the longest serving Director  in the Anti Narcotics Bureau. Even after he received his promotion as DIG , he continued in the Anti Narcotics bureau despite the fact  , he ought to have been transferred to another division based on police procedure .Yet he was kept back at the Anti Narcotics division . In addition ,  nobody was even appointed to fill  the vacancy  of Director   that arose following his promotion . That is, Kamal was acting as Director too. Poojitha who was also  a director of the Bureau one time , knew  what huge  amounts of bribes and kickbacks  can be earned while being in that position.

By all these maneuvers and moves  it is very clearly proved  IGP Poojitha is implicated in the drug dealings by keeping back Kamal Silva as Director Narcotics Bureau  even after his promotion  .

Lanka e news on 13 th of March exposed  that when Kamal Silva opened a 4 storied luxury hotel on 11 th March at Elakande road  clandestinely , the media spokesman, lawyer Ajith Rohana nicknamed ‘parrot’ secretly participated in the opening .

The supervisor of the hotel built out of illicit earnings  of drug dealers is unbelievably an officer of the anti narcotics bureau itself by the name of S.I Mahinda . Kamal Silva has even got Mahinda a land and built a house in the vicinity of the hotel for him so  that the latter can look after the affairs of his hotel .

How did a police officer amass so much wealth to build a four storied hotel ? (Read Lanka e news report dated 14 th March captioned IGP and Anti narcotics chief permit mastermind behind massive cocaine smuggling operation to give the slip ! -How did Anti Narcotics chief build 4 story hotel? ). 

Based on all these exposures ,it is crystal clear from the chief of Narcotics Bureau Kamal Silva down to Rangajeewa there is a group within the Bureau engaged in large scale drug dealings and collecting kickbacks from drug magnates with the consent and concurrence of the IGP. We have been exposing these corrupt and illicit activities for over a decade .

Rangajeewa of course who has been posing as a  great ‘hero’ had helped himself, and helped  the Anti Nacotics Bureau higher ups through massive kickbacks collected from drug barons.

Hiddent truth vs. what is revealed ….

The story related now by Anti Narcotics Bureau chiefs that two officers and  Rangajeewa  went to conduct a raid on the 9 th is an absolute lie. That ‘outing’ was not to conduct a raid. Factually they went for a drug deal. This is borne out by the fact that when they go on a raid ,three officers along with the driver do not go on such a mission.In any event  Rangajeewa did not know they were headed for  death and disaster in this outing.

The decoy in this so called raid was 'Nasar' .The latter himself has a putrid record . He was several years ago arrested with 8 kilos of heroin in Puttalam and it was Rangajeewa and his group that arrested him. The suspect was severely beaten following the arrest with handcuffs on , and his arms tied round a coconut tree.

When Nassar was being fetched to Colombo , the vehicle in which the group was travelling pumped fuel in Puttalam . It was Nasar’s credit card that was used for that. Nasar was later produced  in court  by Rangajeewa’s assistant Ruwan Kumara. Based on the written records the time difference between Nasar’s arrival in Colombo and the time his credit card was used to fill fuel was 15 mins.

Nasar was acquitted on the grounds that Colombo cannot be reached within 15 mins. starting  from Puttalam. This was in fact based on a deal struck between Kamal Silva and group with the accused. 

Thereafter , Nasar was carrying on his heroin business again without hindrance  at top gear , and it is Kamal Silva and group that obstructed the other officers whenever Nasar was to be arrested. This was  when same Nasar served as a decoy for Rangajeewa on the 9th .Nasar is a bosom pal of IP Wjesekera who is in turn a favorite subordinate of  Kamal Silva of  the same narcotics division. If Nasar betrays Rangajeewa , it is obvious  Wijesekera followed by the IGP Poojitha will all be exposed. 

On the 9 th night ,Rangajeewa and two police officers following the trail instructed by a decoy , had parked the Alto  vehicle of Rangajeewa on Moratuwa road , Pliyandala in the vicinity of People’s bank and Commercial bank .Another Alto vehicle was also parked close by. The group that was coming to meet had called by phone  had told to take the vehicle a little forward and reverse it in order to identify it. 

Accordingly , just as Rangajeewa’s vehicle was moved to and fro ,two individuals who came on a motor cycle fired with their T56 guns at the group in the  car at once .Following the spray of bullets , the driver Constable Abeywickrema died immediately, and  Rangajeewa sustained head and chest injuries . His brain has been damaged following the head injury . He is now in the intensive care unit supported by an artifriicial respirator. His revival is difficult according to the doctors. 

The attackers have fled after firing into  the air to deter and daunt the police further. The gumen have later abandoned the motor cycle near a shop on Dehiwala Road , Maharagama.The motor cycle was later found .

Nasar who was serving as a decoy was  released by the anti narcotics bureau after questioning.

The crucial question is , despite the minister in charge of the police giving clear instructions to entrust the investigations to senior DIG Latheef the STF Commandant, why is the Anti Narcotics Bureau still continuing with the investigations without  entrusting it even to the CID ? What is the big secret  behind this ? Do the anti Narcotcs bureau  have special knowledge pertaining to organized crimes apart from  narcotics detections? Or is it because if another  body inevestigates, the cat will be out of the bag , and therefore those behind the scene  have strong motive to suppress serious issues and their own grave criminal involvements ?

The attack -There is more than what  meets the eyes and ears …

Though no proper investigation is on going against the criminals , Lanka e news has decided not to reveal any information our inside information division has garnered because that  may be cashed in by  the accused. We shall  hence reveal those details at a later time. In any event we shall expose those against whom , an accusing finger is being pointed at. 

The accusing finger right now is being pointed at the IGP and the very chiefs of the Anti narcotics Bureau .Will Rangajeewa go against them , and if so , will he disgorge the damning  information about  the huge amounts of bribes collected from him ?  Therefore is there a  necessity for him to  be liquidated ?

Second possibility : Was this a plan to exterminate Rangajeewa before he can become a witness in the mass murder of prisoners of Welikade jail committed on the orders of Gotabaya ? It is significant to note , it was Ranagajeewa after the riots within the prison was brought under control, who had a list of names with him of the prisoners who were incarcerated based on heroin charges . It was he who called them by their names , identified and handed them over for the killings. 
Rangajeewa had given evidence in the CID and before  the Commission investigations conducted into those murders  subsequently . Evidence surfaced during the investigations , Rangajeewa and Gotabaya have had a telephone call conversation prior. Hence , was this an attack  based on a  plan  to save Gotabaya ?

Thirdly , was this orchestrated by a group of drug dealers within the anti narcotics bureau who has an inveterate grudge against Rangajeewa? When Rangajeewa despite being an anti narcotics chief is engaging in drug deals , and therefore having his own favorite drug dealers whom he favors and pampers , it is natural for other drug dealers to turn bitter against Rangajeewa .

While these are the actual possibilities , the anti Narcotics Bureau high ups saying this crime could have been committed by Wele Sudha is most ridiculous. Though many drag Wele Sudha’s name for everything today, he had never in his drug dealer history committed contract murders or even attempted to commit them . His trademark was bribing and winning over people , and not paying to kill people.  It is also  not impossible that one of those connected with the prisoners who were killed most ruthlessly by Rangajeewa in the Welikade prison avenged that crime via the attack .

Attempted murder on Rangajeewa and murder of Douglas Nimal are linked …

If the investigation into the attempted murder of Rangajeewa is being conducted ,the murder of IP Douglas Nimal on 25 th April 2006 at Aturugiriya must also be reviewed .  This is because in both these attacks Poojitha has been incriminated , and there are a number of similarities between those. Along with Douglas  Nimal his wife too was murdered. Though the individuals behind that crime have not been identified  yet, even a Kindergarten class child is aware  ,  that was an inside  job of the Police.
Douglas Nimal was attached to the Dematagoda police and anti narcotics division. He was a brave law abiding officer of the STF who was  engaged  in anti terrorist operations in the East for 9 year. Believe it or not , after he took over the anti narcotics division  of police , he conducted over 300 raids and apprehended the drug dealers including Kimbula ele mafia members  within just a year. At that time there were those who could not bear to see  Douglas Nimal and his efficiency . He was within some months transferred to the 4 police stations in Colombo and he was discharging to ordinary tasks. Finally he was attached  to the Dematagoda police. On  a raid conducted by him one day , two police officers were apprehended. Sadly however orders were received from the top to release these police officers. It is noteworthy , at that time it was the present IGP who was the DIG in charge of Colombo.

When the two police officers were released , Douglas Nimal took pains to make an official  record of that. The high rung officers including Poojitha and  Sarath Loogoda who were offended by  it , through a notorious drug dealer woman by the name of Zulfikar  obtained a statement against Douglas Nimal and saw to it 8 most efficient police officers including Douglas Nimal were arrested and thereafter  remanded.
In Zulfikar’s  first statement Douglas Nimal was not mentioned. Yet after recording a second statement of hers , Poojitha and group got Douglas Nimal also remanded.  So it was Poojitha the present IGP  who ruined and wrecked the career of an honest efficient officer like Douglas Nimal who apprehended over 300 heroin suspects merely based on a statement recorded of an infamous heroin peddler .

Douglas and his group who suffered untold hardships in remand custody were   finally released on Attorney General’s (AG) advice.  Douglas Nimal made all the preparations to file action in the Human Rights Commission on 27 th of April 2006 against the injustice perpetrated on him , while Poojitha was targeting him for more vindictive action. 

Mysteriously he was murdered two days prior to that – on 25 th of April. The assassins who used T 56 weapons for the killing fled away after the murder. Though this crime took place when the war was raging , and the road barriers could have been used effortlessly to arrest the culprits  , Poojitha never took such action , let alone thought about it. When one officer asked for permission to do the needful , Poojitha bitterly berated him .After some time two individuals were arrested at Modera  to  divert  public atyention . After a while the individuals were released on bail. Nevertheless when these suspects were returning home on the 29 th of June 2010 in a three wheeler after attending courts for their case , they were abducted by the white Van. Until today no one knows what happened to them thereafter.

Poojitha the beast who is now made the IGP ,is trying to cover up  his bestiality and brutality by ordering  the police force to meditate to  prove he is after all human , and in addition   keeps about 100 Buddha statues before him when he  worships. Anyone who displays piety unduly is a hypocrite truly . Piety displayed is hypocrisy betrayed  is an old adage. Poojitha is the classic example.

There Is nobody in the police force who does not know that Poojithas resented officers like Douglas Nimal who abided by the laws and performed duties duly, and therefore  got him  killed  . At the same time there is also no officer in the police force who does not know that Rangajeewas who   wickedly bent and twisted the laws to earn filthy lucre  with the consent , concurrence and collusion of Poojithas got the punishment they richly deserved – gunned down. 

By a special reporter of LeN  inside information service

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