SAITM new student intake halted until govt. proposals are implemented -Higher education minister

Bomb scare is a comic drama –Security chief

(Lanka-e-News - 17.May.2017, 11.30PM)  Until the policy decision taken by the government to standardize the SAITM Institution and the private medical education is implemented , the government has requested SAITM to halt enrolment of new students , minister of Highways  and Higher education Lakshman Kiriella revealed. A positive response from  SAITM in this regard is anticipated within the week , he added. 
The list of the investments in medical education institutes  including SAITM shall be listed in the Colombo share market ; maintaining their education and administration standards at acceptable levels ; acquisition of the Neville Fernando hospital to the government and making  it a teaching hospital ; increasing the number of student intake to private medical Colleges ; as well as  several other measures  that are to be implemented  in regard to private medical Colleges are to be introduced as a matter of policy . Hence some amount of time is necessary , the minister  pointed out .

Specially the acquisition of Dr. Neville Fernando hospital shall be expedited , and it is expected to be done within the next two or three months .

Meanwhile an unexploded  hand grenade was discovered on  the premises of the Medical Council on the 13 th . Yet the anti SAITM protestors are screaming  from roof tops it was a ‘ bomb attack’. However the security division that  is conducting investigation , speaking to Lanka e news said , the medical council passed the information about the grenade , and when the bomb was examined , it was apparent its pin had been removed by  a novice. This is because though the pin had been removed the cap had not been removed which  causes the  explosion.

He described that grenade as of ‘JR category’ . While the grenade failed to explode to cause devastation , if any group is to scream all the time it is a ‘ grenade attack’, it is obvious that group has a stake  in it and is hoping against hope that the bomb exploded and caused death and destruction , because  a grenade is not something to be thrown out like a potato  to be taken home to be cooked and eaten, the security chief   went on to explain .

At all events it is the consensus among  the public , amidst the abysmal failure of the recent  one day strike of the anti SAITM  protestors , and the growing public resentment and hatred against them , this bomb  attack drama was enacted by these disappointed medical clowns cum  villains to camouflage their  self invited disgrace .

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SLMC comic grenade is part of a larger deception thrust into govt. proposals uttered in ignorance re SAITM and needs to be exposed. (A) Act 16/ERPM for foreign medicos is thrust on local UGC SAITM MBBS by unsuspecting govt. This exam. takes 2 years and mafia pass rate is 10% into internship. SAITM through verdict is allowed justice with 100% into internship (B) SLMC Deans suggesting 6 months clinicals is a farce not allowed by GMOA in govt. hospitals for last 7 years. Intent is to delay, close SAITM, and have monopoly. Govt. in trap.
-- by citizen on 2017-05-18

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