Petroleum trade unions now striking with all the might did not have that might in 2012 -when innocent Anthony was murdered using the forces for protesting against kerosene price hike !

(Lanka-e-News- 19.May.2017, 7.45AM)   Several  trade unions of the Petroleum Corporation have threatened to stage  ‘terrorist strikes’  thereby terrorizing the people once again.

We identify  these as “ terrorist strikes” because these are absolutely  in violation of the World labor convention  governing strikes of workers . This is because by a letter yesterday they have threatened “ it will be an uninterrupted strike without giving sufficient notice .”

If a genuine strike is to be staged, that should follow only when discussions have failed , and after due notification . ‘So called strikes shall be staged so as the Institution is not made to collapse’ is what the World International  labor convention stipulates. Strikes that cause collapse of Institutions are identified as destructive actions of trade unions.
By that token , the unions of the Petroleum Corporation by threatening ‘without prior notice an uninterrupted strike will be staged’, had clearly  indicated  it is a terrorist  destructive action and not a genuine trade union action 

Moreover the reasons adduced  by them for the strike are absolutely ludicrous and ridiculous,     betraying  their ignorance and uneducated  nature .  This became  manifest when they based  their demand on what  is utterly irrelevant- against  the memorandum of understanding between the two countries that was signed by the P.M. when he recently toured India. One of the agreements  among those  signed was the development of the Trincomalee oil tank jointly by the two countries .The trade unions concluding the memorandum of understanding  is contradictory to their demands is most stupid.
The most comical part of the terrorist strike tragi-comedy  is :When a memorandum of understanding is signed between two countries , it becoming unlawful because it is not signed to suit the  personal agendas of the union leaders .

If the agreement that is not signed  by the leaders of the two countries is to become law , certainly that should be sanctioned by the parliament or the cabinet of those countries. When such sanctions are being granted , it is most likely changes may be effected to the  agreement .

On the contrary , the aforementioned memorandum of understanding has still not become law and is still  not a certainty. The  cabinet approval has not yet been given to it. In such circumstances , the threat ‘ we shall strike without giving notice’   is a ‘terrorist strike’ threat and not a legitimate  trade union strike threat.
Moreover , if the new government is to honor its undertakings it gave to its people , it has to necessarily develop the country according to new agreements. They have a legitimate right and a people’s mandate towards  that. Trade unions going beyond the people’s mandate and seeking political demands are to deprive themselves of their own legitimacy.

It is however most shocking the SLFP trade union  of the Petroleum corporation affiliated to the SLFP party of which Maithripala Sirisena is the leader also being among the other trade unions which are threatening to strike without prior notice  .The inference that can be drawn form this is  ,either Maithripala is impeding the memorandum of understanding signed by the P.M.  or he is through his trade union trying to voluntarily get himself thrashed with the tail of the Sting Ray fish.

The ‘terrorist strike’  letter of threat of the trade unions of the Petroleum Corporation is hereunder

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