President summons Cabinet meeting on Monday ! Cabinet reshuffle suiting SLFP whims can break up consensual govt.

-Environment ministry a flop under president should be changed first !

(Lanka-e-News - 21.May.2017, 6.30PM)  All ministers of the government of good governance had been issued notification to be present at the presidential secretariat at 8.30 a.m.  next Monday (22). According to Pro Rajapakse media this is in connection with a cabinet re shuffle.

Yet based on reports reaching Lanka e news , the president has not discussed this cabinet re shuffle , if any with the prime minister (P.M.). Under the 19 th  amendment however the president cannot make ministerial portfolio changes without  the consent of the P.M. 

Meanwhile the leaders of civil organizations that worked with commitment to propel the good governance government made requests to the president and P.M. earlier on to change  the portfolios of six ministers while mounting  charges against them .Among those ministers were Arjuna Ranatunge , Wijedasa Rajapakse and Vajira  Abeywardena.
A leading lawyer speaking to this writer  pertaining to  the cabinet re shuffle said, if changes are being introduced , firstly , the minister of environment under the president should be changed, because the president as regards his environment ministry has failed in every respect.

Yet , the need to effect ministerial changes is being sought  by the defeated SLFP party and not by  the UNP party with 108 M.P.s which  is in a majority in parliament  . That is, by those opportunists  who are on the fence trying to get the best from both sides , having one foot in the deposed discarded corrupt Rajapakse camp and the other in Mathripala’s .

Their main target is  Ravi Karunanayake who received the award as the best Finance Minister of Asia and was chosen by a most famous 7 5 years old independent economic magazine of Britain. However , Karunanayake who is very popular among the UNP membership has a small group within the UNP who are making sly secret hostile maneuvers against  him. Among them is a minister who is protecting the corrupt crooked Rajapakses while concealing the  quantity of gold of theirs.

According to them , Ravi’s ministry should be allocated to Mangala Samaraweera . The latter who made the largest  contribution  to form  this government secured the foreign ministry at his own request . Moreover it is also a universally acknowledged fact  it is Mangala as foreign minister who was solely and wholly responsible to restore the international image of the country which was moth eaten and damaged irretrievably  during the previous regime . It is also indisputable it is because of him the country could get back the GSP plus too. 

Ravi Karunanayake is the only foreign minister in the world  who held that  post only with the treasury under him sans the Central bank and commercial banks  .Only God knows whether Mangala Samaraweera too would  have to  hold that post similarly.

If he is a politician he/she must discharge his duties duly no matter what portfolio is designated to him/her , but that is an entirely different matter . But , pressures being mounted on no  occasion  against the most infamous Blue brigand crook Arjuna Ranatunge , the Ports minister to remove him from that post or for the dismissal of  Wijedasa Rajapakse from his portfolio  who said (villainously despising and discarding the policies of the government) that as long as he is the minister he would not arrest the criminal Gotabaya Rajapakse, is a matter for rude shock.
While it is the UNP with a majority having 108 parliamentary members that  should have clamored for the reshuffle ,what is taking place is the converse. This is obviously to create conflicts and chaos within the  united consensual  government. 
The UNP backbenchers are refusing to bow their heads before  this stupid  ‘tail’  .The UNP majority is not going to kowtow to  this obnoxious attempt and yield to these pressures.They can easily right now overturn the 3 provincial councils under the power of the SLFP of Maithripala Sirisena .

If the aim and ambition of the corrupt Machiavellian Rajapakses are to unleash such a chaotic disarray , a cabinet reshuffle like this is most conducive to their dastardly and diabolic plots. 
At this juncture what the good governance government ought  to do is withdraw the ministries of ‘Weda beri’  (incapable and incompetent )  Dasas , and wheeler dealer minsters who are the prime and paramount cause of all the chaos , confusion and corruption ;and thereafter forge ahead replacing them with new competent and efficient ministers  .

The pro good governance  government masses of the rainbow revolution of 2015 -01-08  too would salute this move. Besides ,the government will also gain strength.  Sadly , hitherto neither Maithri nor Ranil have demonstrated they have the political  backbones to take such measures. 

Wimal Dheerasekera

Translated by Jeff 

by     (2017-05-21 13:07:13)

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