Corrupt Arjuna thrown out from Ports ! Mangala ‘s powers enhanced; Wijedasa escapes at last moment

(Lanka-e-News -22.May.2017, 11.30AM)  The first cabinet reshuffle took place this morning at the presidential secretariat headed by the president and the prime minister (P.M.) . The changes made were as follows :

Mangala Samaraweera – minister of finance and mass  media 
Ravi Karunanayake – foreign minister. 
Arjuna Ranatunge minister of petroleum – thrown out from ministry of Ports
Mahinda Samarasinghe – Ports ministry 
Chandima Weerakody – skills development and vocational training ministry
S. B. Dissanayake – social empowerment and welfare ministry plus Hill country  rights
W.D.J Seneviratne –labor and trade union affairs  plus Sabaragamuwa province development.
Gaayantha Karunatileke – parliamentary affairs and lands
Thilak Marapone – special development projects
Mahinda Amaraweera –Fisheries and water resources minister  plus State minister for  Mahaweli 

Even as late as yesterday night , the decision was to change  the ministry of Wijedasa Rajapakse who said , as long as he is the justice minister he would not permit Gotabaya Rajapakse the culprit to be arrested.But this morning that decision underwent a change. His ministry remained. 

Based on reports reaching Lanka e news , following  the news report that Arjuna has been thrown out of ministry of Ports –GROBR , the Port employees had lit crackers in joy. 

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This bastard of a paraya Wijedsa jarapaksa should have been kicked out of the Justice Ministry ,this paraya Bastard leaks security information to para Gota on a daily basis,this fucker should never have been given this minstry nor any ministry.he should have been shot inside parliament.he would get what he deserves very very soon
-- by sarath on 2017-05-22

My3 and Ran3 have ensured that the Rajafucksa's will be safe under Deal Dasa !
-- by medamulana on 2017-05-22

DEAL DASA should have been the NUMBER ONE to be thrown out from the Cabinet. The corrupted Bastard at the Ports should have been SACKED ON THE SPOT with his brother to show the nation that the President and the Prime Minister mean what they say. The Saddest thing is that both these men could have used this occasion to restore their credibility by offering FM Fonseka a meaningful position in their cabinet or elsewhere, instead of surrendering to the threats of Deal Dasa. This useless shuffle has damaged the trust of Yahapalanaya nation further. Both these men at the top have failed to walk their talk. Their foolishness will bring more instability to the government and the end result would be a more shaky, short living government with NO HOPE for the common man in the country. THE TWO CRAFTY AND VICIOUS LEADERS HAVE MISERABLY FAILED AGAIN. IT IS TIME TO LOOK FOR AN ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION FOR THE NATION!!!
-- by api on 2017-05-23

The two people at the top have clearly proven the nation that NONE of them is FIT to govern the nation anymore by reappointing those MISFITS such as DEAL DASA & RANATUNGA to their cabinet. THESE TWO MISFITS AT THE TOP HAVE SHOWN THEIR BARE BOTTOM TO THE NATION AGAIN AND PROVEN BEYOND ANY DOUBT THAT BOTH OF THEM ARE SQUARE PEGS IN ROUND HOLES. I have been a strong Yahapalanaya supporter right throughout. But sadly, we got it wrong again. What this foolish man has done is nothing more than one can expect from a village gramasevaka. He has utterly disappointed all his supporters. His inferiority, viciousness and ungratefulness is also slowly becoming evident now. The irrevocable damage is done to the hearts of his supporters. Dear Yahapalanaya living people, let us all stay together for another 3 years. As a nation let us wait patiently until it is our turn to show our bare bottom those bastard politicians. What the nation has to remember from this manipulation is that THEY WILL HAVE TO USE THEIR VOTE WISELY AND WIPE OUT ALL THOSE BASTARDARD POLITICIANS FROM THE PARLIAMENT. NONE OF THEM IS DESERVED TO BE TREATED AS SUPERIOR CLASS ANYMORE. AS A NATION, LET US START CORNERING, DESERTING, ABANDONING AND SHAMING THOSE BASTARD POLITICIANS FROM TODAY! LET US STAY TOGETHER AND START BUILDING A NEW HOPE, NEW VOICE, NEW WAVE, AND A PEACEFUL NATION FROM TODAY!!!
-- by api on 2017-05-23

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