Mad monk Gnanassara on the rampage again : attacks mosques in Kurunegala and Matugama !

(Lanka-e-News 25.May.2017, 10.20AM) Extremist  mad monk Gnanassara  the robed dipsomaniac and his supporters who after visiting Kurunegala incited racial and religious hatred among the people  attacked a mosque at Mallawapitiya with petrol bombs . This incident occurred on 20 th night.

The mosque where religious classes are conducted was damaged. However so far no arrests have been made. 

It is being said , when mad monk Gnanassara was in Kurunegala provoking the people to engage in religious violence  , the police went to arrest him. The media that is pro Gnanassara however  revealed , neither the law and order minister nor minister of justice were aware of the arrest of Gnanassara.  To arrest a criminal , there is no necessity anywhere under the law that ministers should be informed  prior  or later , even if it is to arrest a fanatic or a lunatic who has escaped from the mental asylum, let alone a robed eccentric.  If any minister entertains such a notion he /she should be  admitted first to the lunatic asylum for treatment .

Meanwhile 20th night again , an attempt was made to set fire to a shop of a Muslim businessman at Matugama . The front iron door of the shop was damaged in that violence.
It is well to recall these  robed extremist monks during the corrupt Rajapakse era  even  contested elections  . But  to their utter consternation they could poll less than a thousand votes only.  These monks  who are failures in their own faith and religion (Buddha never preached violence or religious extremism ) , and rejected even by the people   again seeking to unleash violence clearly stems from  their mental imbalance and frustration. It is therefore little wonder their cravings are anti Buddhism and based on  selfish self seeking ambitions. 

It is the consensus it is   to gratify  the  blood and power lust of Rajapakses these  extremist monks are on the rampage. It is unforgettable the Rajapakses  even when they were  ruling  survived on killings , plundering the  country, and fomenting religious and racial hatred . 

During the last few weeks , mosques in Panadura, Kohilawatte and  Thopur were attacked and damaged. 

The government must realize what can be nipped in the bud being allowed to reach alarming proportions is not in the best interests of the nation . Whether it is a  Buddhist extremist , Muslim extremist or a Christian extremist ,  none can be permitted to commit crimes , worst of all under the name of religion . No religion preaches or advocates violence , murder or mayhem . These rascals whether they are committing those crimes wearing the robes or without  should be duly punished . Or if they are mentally deranged they should be admitted  to the mental asylum , and treated even if it takes many years to cure them. Otherwise , the civilized law abiding citizens will have no solution .
(photographs depicting the attacks launched in Mallawapitiya and Matugama)

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Mad Dog Gandasara is on the rampage again and again. It is high time to hang this mad dog by his balls until pronounced dead!
-- by namal rajafucksha on 2017-05-25

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