Killer Brigadier Gunawardena who murdered Rathupaswela unarmed residents arrested and remand !

(Lanka-e-News - 25.May.2017, 11.00PM-amended copy-) Brigadier Deshapriya Gunawardena alias Gunawardena Suriyarachige  Don Anura Deshapriya who killed innocent people at the behest of the deposed presently people discarded corrupt murderous Rajapakses , when those people asked for pure drinking water , was at long last arrested Today. He was remanded until the 31 st after he was produced before magistrate court , Gampaha.

Dehapriya is facing charges of murder : killing three persons, attempted murder as well as aiding and abetting in the murders.

The true position is , it is only a high rung police officer who can make a request to an ASP that the assistance of the forces is needed to bring a riotous situation under control , and not by anybody else. In the Rathupaswela incident in which innocent people were killed  for requesting pure drinking water , no police officer sought the assistance of the forces. Therefore , this killer brigadier must reveal the behind the scene murderer who ordered  him to go to Rathupaswela on that day.

The army had arrived in Weliweriya  to disperse the protestors without the Police making a request . Besides when the army arrived on the scene , there was no rioting . Moreover , the police squad was there to control the riot , if any ,ready with the water cannons , the CID informed court .

On the day of ruthless murders committed on innocent people of Rathupaswela  , tear gassing was not carried put  , water cannons were not used, there was no firing of  rubber bullets . Straight away the people were shot at with T 56 weapons. On that fateful day , because of the ruthless  actions of the murderous brigadier (instigated by whom?) , three residents of Rathupaswela including two children died , and many others were  attacked . Among the injured were journalists .

Every criminal scoundrel of the security divisions who illegally carried out the murder contract was sent to serve in the foreign diplomatic mission in Turkey by the Rajapakses following the attack launched on innocent Rathupaswela residents by Brigadier Deshapriya Gunawardena (latter too was sent ) . After the good governance government captured power , all those criminal rascals were called back.

In connection with the Rathupaswela multiple murder , Dingiri Aruunage Sirisena  army staff sergeant , Lalith Grey sergeant and Jayasundara Mudiyansalage Thilakaratne corporal are already in remand custody since last April.

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Where the previous DS is alleged to be involved, the AGs Dept. will not move. If this is so with murders in the South, what can one expect for those in the North? This is where UN comes in - a mess up of SL politicians and has to be solved to move forward.
-- by punchinilame on 2017-05-26

No worries sundry folk. While small starving halmesso like Corporal Mudiyanse and Dingiri will lament in remand jail, big parav fish full of guna collected in their previous life or lives will mark time feasting on turkey dinner in a well-cushioned hospital bed very soon.
-- by Lokunilame on 2017-05-30

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