New finance cum media minister kick starts campaign to put wayward and traitorous media on right track !

(Lanka-e-News - 26.May.2017, 11.30PM) The new minister of finance and mass media has as a first step taken measures at once  to upgrade  the  mass media of Sri Lanka which have  descended to the lowliest levels .
Accordingly , with a view to re-structure  the State media Institutions , he had informed the chiefs and the Director Boards of those Institutions to resign in order that new  comrades can replace them . Already the entire board of the Independent television service has resigned.  It is learnt , it is likely some of the members who were incompetent would be replaced and not the entire Director board.
In addition , the minister without wasting time on pomp and fuss,  in his characteristic competent  style has taken most vital decisions to put the wayward and crookedly  motivated  villainous private media Institutions on the right track .

It is the  primary aim of the minister to visit every private media Institution , and meet the owners or the chiefs of the divisions , and inform them of the needs and necessities of  the country  which are paramount.  The minister has decided first and foremost  to request them not to impede the reconciliation efforts , and to halt their backstreet media activities which foil the reconciliation process.

After the country was devastated and ravaged  by a 30 years old war , if the owners of media Institutions are still expecting to stoke conflicts and racial tensions through their media activities , then this country forever will be facing a bloodbath.  As a civilized government that cannot be permitted.  Hence the new minister said, he has taken crucial decisions to put a stop to this once and for all by issuing  stern instructions to the private media chiefs.

The minister also said , he has decided to urge the media owners and chiefs not to conduct the media activities in a manner  that would militate against racial and religious reconciliation , although nothing will be done  to  obstruct   their political affiliations and expressions. 
Mangala who is taking expeditious measures in regard to the media ministry has not been able to take such swift action  as a finance minister .

Based on reports reaching Lanka e news , the former finance minister Ravi Karunanayake has made a bizarre unwelcome  request from the president and the prime minister. That is , to bring the Lotteries Board , and Development Lotteries which were under him when he was the Finance minister within the purview  of his new ministry of foreign affairs. It is to be noted after a ministerial portfolio is given , the gazette should notify the Institutions that are coming within the ambit of the various  portfolios.
In any event , nowhere in the world Lotteries boards  have come  within the purview of a  foreign ministry . In a country like Sri Lanka where  exists a finance ministry which is sans the Central bank and Commercial banks ,there is a foreign ministry with    Lotteries board under it  , Minister in charge of Buddha sasana has  powers to deliver  death sentences , and Field marshals are digging  cultivation fields , even anything crazier  can take place.
In a strange Island like this , worse buffoonery and tomfoolery are to be  expected naturally ,  when  there are  mad morons  unable to do  anything  worthwhile for the country are holding sway , who after resigning their  own political  party and  propelled  themselves to victory riding on the shoulders of  the people’s forces, are now somersaulting  back in a vain  effort  to make their  defeated discarded  political party win again without showing any gratitude to the People’s forces who truly  helped .   

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