While country is devastated by floods Thilanga the deputy speaker throws party wasting Rs. 5 million ! People haven’t even a single meal but he spends Rs. 4000 per meal.

(Lanka-e-News - 29.May.2017, 6.45AM)  While the whole country is experiencing  natural disasters – floods  and landslides devastating  the country ,and the people are facing untold hardships ,  Thilanga Sumathipala the deputy speaker of most revered Parliament cum president of the Cricket Association , is in the ready to  throw a most extravagant  party on the 28th. A sum of about  Rs. 5 million is expected to be spent (wasted ) on this party . Thilanga is indulging in this profligate exercise on account of the Annual general meeting of the cricket association.
The officials have been appointed for two years , and therefore this year there are no  election of office bearers . 
Yet this wasteful Tamasha is being arranged by Thilanga  in order to get the annual audit report and the annual accounts  passed by the membership which is  a mandatory requirement under the Cricket association Act.

It is however learnt that the auditor general has not given the approval for the accounts this year. A number of cricket clubs are vigilantly following the colossal expenditures , yet throughout  the whole of last year,  there  were reports of controversial expenditure  including  those without following proper tender procedures .

Treasurer Shammi forbidden to sign checks …

Unbelievably , the minister of sports who imposes fetters on Badminton , football and other clubs is behaving worse than a timid obedient puppy of Thilanga by turning a blind eye to all the latter’s  financial malpractices wasting billions of rupees of the association.
The letters sent to every club for the annual general meeting , an amendment to the constitution that was passed at the recent special general meeting was annexed. According to that , only an individual who satisfies the  eligibility requirement can hold the post of treasurer. 

Shammi Silva who is the present treasurer however hasn’t the eligibility  , yet he is getting ready  to  continue in that post during the following year too. The only qualification he has is the friendly ties he maintains with Thilanga and sports minister Dayasiri .

The three of them  are members of the CCC club. Though Shammi Silva holds the post of president of CCC club , because the former secretary of the club has filed a case against him , Shammi is not eligible to sign even a check . The irony of it is he is still allowed to continue as the treasurer of the association. 

Shammi who recruited an individual (a female)  of his own club to the association’s financial division authorizes all expenditures through her . Nobody in the financial division does a scrutiny of the accounts.

Though a chief  executive of a media Institution cannot be selected to the executive committee of the Association , Sujeewa Godaliyaddha the chief executive of Lakbima newspapers of Thilanga  is in the executive committee of the association. He is given  an allowance , and uses two vehicles of the association . He is the one who is in charge of all the playground contracts. 

Although a proper audit must be done through the auditor general because of the raging corruption involving these individuals , no proper auditing has been conducted.  Thilanga after handing over a report that had not been previously audited to Dayasiri , is  having his way and his say while indulging in a media circus.
By claiming assistance is going to be rendered for disaster relief , Thilanga who commenced a body under the association itself,  on the 28  th (Sunday)  held the annual general  meeting spending about Rs. 2.5 million with plentiful air conditioning . A heavily   air  conditioned tent was erected at the SSC grounds (vide photos)  

While the disaster afflicted areas are hard  put to get a simple meal  packet , the 300 representatives of the 147 clubs and sports associations  are to be served with food and beverages at a  luncheon at Hilton hotel at a cost of  Rs.  4000.00 per head. The victims of the disaster haven’t even a bottle of  water to drink , but these revelers and gormandizers are entitled to unlimited bottles of beer. Thilanga who showed ‘great’  concern, spurious though  for the flood victims , had no qualms about paying several hundred  thousand rupees to an advertising Co. for a book incorporating photographs. 
All these expenditures and wasteful high profile Tamashas are geared to satisfy , gratify and mollycoddle the members so as to  win the elections to be held next year .

In the midst of the catastrophic situation prevailing in the country , if president is not Thilanga’s superior  for this obscene extravagance , and not even Dayasiri . Then it is sorry. Com. 

Even when floods are drowning the country Thilanga has only his one characteristic solution- sending colossal  funds down the drain .

By a special Lanka e news special reporter 

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