Consensual govt. via its gazette notification proves to the world it is in a pickle and a butt of everybody’s jokes !

(Lanka-e-News - 11.June.2017, 11.00PM)   It is a pity the consensual government which is making an exhibition that it is a model to the world , has in fact  only been able to demonstrate to the world it is instead  in an insipid  ‘pickle’ and has become a butt of everyone’s jokes  following  its recent gazette notification.  This became clear after the gazette notification of Friday (09) which published the Institutions coming under the various ministries following  the cabinet re shuffle. 

Owing to these topsy turvy  ministerial functions  made without following any  scientific or sensible  method , the performance of the tasks duly of the ministers are hindered and hampered . 

A number of Institutions under the purview of the finance and media ministry have been pulled out. The Central bank and the Commercial banks that ought to be under the finance ministry as they were before, have now been withdrawn . Despite the grave  accusations mounted against   the central bank corrupt bond issue , the prime minister has kept the central bank under him.

In addition , the Development Lotteries Board and the National Lotteries board that were under the finance ministry have been brought under the purview of the foreign ministry.

The State printing department , the State printing Corporation and national Film Corporation that were under the media ministry from the outset have been withdrawn and brought under the purview of the ministry of public administration and management , which has no connection whatsoever to those Institutions ( Ministry of Ranjith Madduma Bandara) .

The Kantalai  Sugar factory  which is an entirely different  subject has been brought under the ministry of lands. 

The employees Trust Fund (ETF )has  been brought under the newly created ministry of special development projects following  the cabinet reshuffle , which  ministry was entrusted to Thilak Marapone  , despite the fact  this  ministry and ETF have no relationship at all. The ETF was under the prime minister previously. 

It is to be noted the ETF was under the finance ministry in the past  , and that is the ministry to which it actually  belongs.

‘Milodha’ financial research Institute the first financial research Institute established in this country has been brought under the purview of the new special development projects ministry . Though the financial research Institute must be under the finance ministry in any country , because the government is obsessed with making a pickle of everything , these universal truths to it have meant nothing. 

Though the  State financial taxation affiliated to the National policy and planning , comes under  the monitoring and evaluation of the finance ministry that formulates  financial and macro management programs , the national programs and  formulation of projects have been brought under the purview of the ministry of national policy and economic affairs belonging to the prime minister (P.M).

The new special  gazette notification that revealed the Institutions coming under the new ministries is full of such blunders and indiscretions.  By such tomfoolery  the confidence and trust reposed locally and internationally in the consensual government cannot be boosted. What truly has resulted on the contrary is erosion of whatever confidence reposed in it .  

It is due to such muddling and bungling that those who were desirous of investing in SL , though they  attended the foreign conferences in large numbers , did not come in to invest  for the last two years.
Foreign affairs are under one minister while  foreign investment is under another,  and the Central bank is under yet another minister  . To compound the confusion ,  the commercial banks are under one  minister  , and the economic affairs are under  another. In such a country where everything is in a  pickle , will any  foreign investor invest in SL ? Little wonder the country is stranded . 

Going by the  gazette notification , it is most unfortunate , what the president and prime minister  have exhibited to the world is not only  they don’t understand these egregious blunders , but also are poor when it comes to management .  

The full text of the special gazette notification is hereunder

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