Herein are two media coolies alias two legged crocodiles that pose stupid questions and wreck media briefings

(Lanka-e-News - 16.June.2017, 10.15PM) It is now becoming increasingly evident  that because of media coolies alias two legged media crocodiles who raise silly and stupid  questions after barging into media discussions , the dignity and prestige of the entire media profession are  being undermined. One such incident happened Wednesday (14) when two self degrading media crocodiles crept into the cabinet meeting . These scoundrels are dubbed media crocodiles because like the eyes of crocodiles get closed  when they open their mouths , these two legged reptiles open their mouths while they are blind to the truths.

The media crocodile in the first photo herein asked the cabinet spokesman minister Rajitha Senaratne a most queer question ‘ During the period of the last government , only 30 incidents of attacks of religious extremists were reported, whereas under this government there were 80 such incidents  .’  Rajitha who is always  witty and ready with most sensible answers to even worst insensible questions of morons and minions questioned back , ‘ Why , weren’t you in the country at that time?’ 

Based on the reports filed by  the Geneva Human rights conference , during the last government in 2013 alone , the number of incidents relating to attacks on mosques and vindictive assaults on Muslims was 284. The attacks on Christian churches and violence unleashed on individuals were  103.  At that time the government accepted there were only 182 incidents while the police reported there were only 143 incidents.

In 2014 , there were 113 incidents of attacks on Mosques and Muslims ,  and  Bodhu Bala Sena (BBS)  was  responsible for as many as  80 of the violent  incidents .  It was the Hele Urumaya of Champika Ranawake that unleashed the next largest  number of attacks  numbering 24 . This is the same Champika who then ate , drank and slept with the Rajapakses  , is   now singing baila most melodiously. Sihala Uruamaya was responsible for 7 incidents.

After the advent of the present government in 2015 , the number of such incidents dwindled to 37 !– drastically reduced.  It is noteworthy 13 of the 37 attacks were launched by the BBS

These are statistics in the report of Human Rights Commission.

Unbelievably it is in  the glare of these authentic reports , the media coolie cum crocodile in the first photograph  was  blatantly uttering absolute lies.

The other media crocodile in the second photograph also posed a most foolish question  from the cabinet spokesman.  This imbecile’s moronic   argument  was “ those who are saying scoundrels like Gnanassara of the BBS should be arrested are the ones sowing  religious extremism .” Rajitha questioning him back asked, ‘where on earth is opposing religious extremism considered as extremism?’

Needless to say , because we have such two legged media crocodiles and reptiles in our midst in this country , the reputation of the genuine journalists too is being tarnished. It is natural therefore for ministers in this horrendous environment to even use foul  words when such rascals provoke them at media briefings by asking  out of point and out of turn questions wasting everybody’s time.  This was why minister John Amaratunge too was provoked to the point of  abusing a journalist in filthy language . John is supposed to be  destroying media freedom while these two legged  moronic media crocodiles who are a scourge  of  the whole country are ‘clean’

There are two vocations in Sri Lanka (SL) which have places for the uneducated . Those are the vocation of the politicians and that of journalists though both these vocations are intimately and integrally connected with people’s lives.

In other countries it is not so. Based on the experiences of  Lanka e news , in England , even to become  a   part time videographer in a night Restaurant , he/she must possess a degree in videography  which is a three year course. One can therefore imagine what would be expected of a journalist. An observatory weather forecast television presenter too must have a doctorate in the science pertaining to climate. 

Of course anybody can say that cannot be implemented in SL. In fact in SL  that need not be followed. Yet , the standard (quality)  of the journalists can be enhanced. Sadly , there is no code of ethics for the journalists who are demanding a code of ethics for the politicians.

Owing to this pathetic   situation , it is the genuine journalists who are unable to face the world . Therefore the two journalists alias moronic crocodiles in the photographs should be entrusted with home work by  their media chiefs before the latter sends such crude two legged reptiles  to  important media briefings and  contaminates the atmosphere.  Even by  giving some home work  to these two legged ignorant crocodiles  , they should be  made   to reach some level in education. Simply having a beard and a ‘konde’ will not take them anywhere.

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