SL a comic state ! IQ question paper for graduate teacher selection full of howlers -two legged donkeys have set the papers ?

(Lanka-e-News -19.June.2017, 8.30PM)  The Intelligence quotient (IQ) question paper for  candidates who sat the competitive exam held by government schools in the North  on 17 th ( Saturday) to select graduate teachers was abounding with errors and howlers . Hence  the candidates who sat the exam had to face dire problems and an injustice had been perpetrated, the candidates alleged.

The candidates said , as most questions were erroneous , answering them was rendered most difficult .

There were a number of grave errors in the mathematical part   of the Intelligence test , and there were many printing and grammatical  errors . The candidates therefore  say , their answers cannot be 100 % correct.  The disappointed candidates are of the view the authorities should   give due consideration to these issues, and give them marks duly.
A minimum marks of 40 must be secured to pass the exam. But because when teacher appointments are being given , the maximum marks are given preference , they are likely to be deprived of the appointments owing to this mishap, the candidates point out.

The question papers have been initially prepared in Tamil , and translated into Sinhala later . Because of this a lot of vocabulary mistakes and  grammar have crept in.
The candidates pinpoint all these problems are not due to them , and hence  marks shall be duly given to the candidates who answered all the questions . The attention of the Northern province Governor should be drawn to this injustice , the candidates  demanded.
Dinasena Rathugamage 
Translated by Jeff

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