Are they doctors or monsters when they strike amidst an epidemic in the country ? Minister Rajitha to take stern stand , enough is enough

-Damages caused run into millions of rupees !

 (Lanka-e-News - 23.June.2017, 11.30PM) ‘As a former leader of trade union myself I did not take any stern decision hitherto against the strikes staged by the GMOA , but henceforth strong and stern decisions will have to be taken against them ,’ said  Dr. Rajitha Senaratne , minister of health , nutrition and indigenous medicine . The minister made this dire announcement at a media briefing held at the State information department following the laying siege to the Suvisiripaya coming under the health ministry on the 21 st  by those who behaved  most violently like terrorists. The media briefing was attended by the minister of health , and a group of officials of the ministry. 

At a time when the whole country is in panic and turmoil  owing to the dengue menace  , the doctors deciding to strike cannot be condoned under any circumstances.  At this juncture when the whole country is in dire peril and it is an emergency situation that is prevailing , could these doctors act this inhumanly ? It  must be first questioned , whether  they are doctors at all ? the minister went on to ask.  The GMOA is not conducting itself as a union ,  but as a political party , he bemoaned. 

The terror group that held Sivisiripaya hostage , caused damage to the health ministry , and even harassed the employees . What is most despicable is  ,  these terror groups after causing all these harm to the health ministry , shamelessly went to the national hospital run by the very  ministry to get  treatment , he pointed out . The damage caused to the ministry and its 16 vehicles by the anti SAITM protestors is in the region of many millions  of rupees , though an accurate assessment has not been made yet   , the minister revealed with regret. 

A group of about 4000 were involved , and the Peratugami political party is behind this . Those who participated were not all medical students , and there were others. Since all these terror activities  were  recorded by the cameras , legal action will be taken in the future for causing damage to State  property  , the minister observed.

When this terrorizing group entered the ministry forcibly , there was no police security detail , hence when such protests are being staged  it is vital ministries such  as the  health and the Higher education be provided with police security personnel. 

Besides 21 st was the  public day of the ministry  and special ,submission of the report on the standard of medical education , and the meeting of the producers of  local drugs were scheduled for that day , but  because of the terror and sabotage activities of these groups , all those programs were turned topsy turvy to the detriment of the entire country , the minister stated with concern.

By now, a large number of measures have been taken on behalf of the free health services . 150 doctors have been dispatched to districts where dengue menace is most threatening . At the outset the death toll due to dengue was 1 % , but now it has dwindled to 0.3% based on the action plan, the minister pinpointed. 

Moreover when the government has ensured medicines in  all hospitals are available without any scarcity , and drug prices have been reduced , this type of sabotage activities under any guise or guile to impede the health services which is  doing its best for  the benefit of the public  is most deplorable and despicable , the minister highlighted.  While arrangements have been made to commence lectures for the medical faculty students on the 26 th , it is a crucial question , then  who were those that indulged in such wanton  terror and sabotage activities ?  

The ministry secretary who participated in the press briefing said , after he informed the police on the 21st  , and when  the tense situation was defused at the ministry , its employees were sent out with security escort. 

It is significant to note on the 21 st when the terrorizing group was  engaging in sabotage activities and causing damage to property after storming into the ministry , the ministry officials and employees acted with great fortitude and forbearance.  However when the terror group sought to pull down  the  hoisted  national flag and replace it with their own slogan , because of the strong opposition mounted by the ministry staff , the terrorizing  group could not succeed , the secretary said.

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This loss should be recovered from doctors salaries.period
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